Mario Lopez sports a black eye in a photo taken after a Jjiujutsu session – Hollywood Live

Someone get Mario Lopez a snow bag! After her jiujutsu session apparently faded, the ‘Access Hollywood’ star was totally shining.

After this, no one can doubt Mario Lopezharshness. On Thursday (September 16), A Save him by ringing the bell Alum shared some “battle damage after a jiujitsu exercise. In the photo, Mario, 47, posted on his Instagram page, a file Getting to Hollywood The host showed a large black eye. In fact, the eye was very red and bruised, and seemed to be swollen and closed! “I’m going to need a little more coverage before going on TV,” Mario joked, “However, from the looks of the gloss, this injury was no joke.

However, some Mario followers and friends have mocked his injury in the comments. “Brother – what did you do???” The actor never wrote “f-ck hi the money” Frank Grillo. “Bruh but like why is that? [laughing with tears emoji] Let’s see the other guy,” added Mario Access costar Scott Evans. the official Getting to Hollywood The account wrote, “Ouch!!!!” while the actor Tommy Romola Gone. “I’m back in UR BROTHA, I’m going to make a phone call I have guys in California too…hope it’s ok [fist bump emoji] Go get EM Mario! “

One fan commented, “I was actually surprised that you don’t get attacked as often by Boxing/Wrestling all the time.” That’s right – Mario is active in combat sports. Days before he was shown his black eye, the actor became famous His role as AC Slater Share picture From him besides Frank Grillo, 56, his hands bound with duct tape. “An Italian and a Mexican walk into a boxing gym, what do you get? Chingasos!” Mario wrote. Good to see my friend @FrankGrillo1.”

Mario Lopez attends the UOMA & Juneteenth Red Carpet celebration (Broadimage / Shutterstock)

2021 delivered some swipes for Mario. Earlier in the year, Mario Save him by ringing the bell costar Dustin Diamond Passed away stage IV lung cancer. Mario were Dustin .’s first former co-workers access to it After the news of his diagnosis spread. After Dustin’s death, Mario said Hollywood Live this current Save him by ringing the bell The reboot will honor the actor who portrayed Samuel “Screaming” Powers in the original series.

“I’ve always been great with him, and it would be nice to do something simple to honor him“And I think that’s in the works,” Mario said, adding that they were at the time drafting details about what that tribute would look like. “There were different creative ideas floating around,” he said. Hollywood Live. “I don’t want to throw a monkey wrench at any of them. As long as it’s done in a great and delicious way, I’m fine with it.”

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