Marilyn Manson appears at Kanye West’s “Donda” album play event in Chicago

Kanye West Get out Marilyn Manson And Kim Kardashian at the “Donda” album launch event just held at Chicago’s Soldier Field.

Manson appeared on the slope of a church-like building to the west built in the center of the stadium. Many have noticed that when pictures of the temple building circulated online before the event Its resemblance to a childhood home in West.

Manson, along with a compelling character that many on the internet believe to be dababyAlong with West, he went out onto the balcony as the event’s first song, rumored to be titled “Jail,” began playing.

Marilyn Manson at the Kanye West “Donda” album playback event in Chicago. Credit: Screenshot of an Apple Music live stream

DaBaby delivers a guest verse on the song in question, which appears to be a different version of the one played at West’s two previous listening concerts for the album, which featured Jay-Z. It is not clear if Manson has any creative involvement with “Donda” at this time.

Marilyn Manson Appears at Kanye West Donda Chicago Album Play Event
Marilyn Manson at the Kanye West “Donda” album playback event in Chicago. Credit: Screenshot of an Apple Music live stream

Manson has been accused of sexual assault and sexual assault by several women since then Ex-partner Evan Rachel Woodand other women, made public allegations of sexual assault and misconduct against him in February. Manson has been doing it He denied these allegationsdescribing them as “terrible distortions of reality”. was dropped From his brand Loma Vista shortly after.

Since then, it has been reported that Manson is facing four different sexual assault cases, The latest version was presented by model Ashley Morgan Smithline last month.

The latest development came last month, as Manson denied the allegations Sexual assault and assault by actress Esme Blanco, who filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles. He described the allegations as “untrue and baseless” and Part of a “coordinated attack by multiple plaintiffs”.

Other guests made an appearance during the ‘Donda’ event, most notably Kim Kardashian, who appeared on stage as it drew to a close, reportedly wearing a Balenciaga wedding dress and veil.

Wedding bells rang as they walked to meet West onstage, with West removing his coax and a flash of a smile before the lights went out and the event ended.

Kardashian filed for divorce from West again in FebruaryAfter nearly seven years of marriage. TMZ Reports The pair are not back together despite Kardashian’s appearance at the event, though a source told the publication “they’re family forever.”

Before the Kardashian debut, West sat alone inside the structure as it was set on fire. He appeared in a fire-resistant suit that was covered in flames, which were put out by a runway with a fire extinguisher.

It is rumored that other guests who joined West, Manson, and DaBaby on the ramp are Travis ScottAnd Don TolliverProducer Mike Dean and dance singer Chinsey.

“Donda” appears to have been updated extensively since West’s second listening event. Besides Jay-Z, it seems that Judy Kid Also absent from the album’s latest release.

Kid Cody previously said he wasn’t in the original clip for “Donda,” but revealed that West reached out to them and “made it work” before the second listening event.

In addition, a song has been added to the list of songs that are heavily sampled or overwhelmed Lauren Hill1998’s classic “Doo Wop (That Thing). Features of weekendAnd Lil Baby And Playboi Carti Everyone seems to have stayed on this iteration of the album.

The church-like structure in the middle of Soldier’s Square was surrounded by chain-link fences and several black SUVs, with a large group of people dressed in Donda-branded riot gear flanked the perimeter.

Merchandise photos from the event shared online show a T-shirt with a goal’s photo on the back, and another with the “2024” logo printed – possibly a reference to The promised presidential race in the West.

The “Donda” listening event at Soldier Field is the third of its kind in the past few weeks, with One in late July And The other earlier this month – They’re both in Atlanta. All three events were streamed live on Apple Music.

At the time of publication, the album “Donda” had not been released. It was expected to decline after the first listening party, and again after the second, although it did not materialize. Kanye West Business Manager, Beau Thiam, He recently said that the album will drop at some point after the Chicago event wraps. album Page on Apple Music It lists a September 3 release date.

Soldier Square event You did not require proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter, although on-site vaccinations were provided in an initiative similar to the one held at the second event. However, in this event, Reportedly only four out of 40,000 attendees She chose to take the vaccine.

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