Marijuana testing company sues Michigan over massive recall

A marijuana testing facility is suing state regulators after its work became the subject of one of the largest recalls in the nascent marijuana industry’s three-year history.

Viridis Laboratories said the recalls of about 60% to 70% of cannabis products in the state were “unjustified, biased and retaliatory,” according to a more than 200-page complaint filed Monday in Michigan Claims Court. The lawsuit said the recall caused an estimated $229 million disruption to the industry.

Testing Facility CEO Greg Michaud has worked with the Michigan State Police for 25 years and retired from the agency as Director of the Forensic Science Division in 2016. The company’s research and development leader is Michelle Glenn, a toxicologist and former program coordinator at Michigan State Police Crime Laboratories.

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency said it was unable to comment on the pending lawsuits.

Attorney David Russell said the government agency’s action was part of a “protracted campaign of harassment targeting Veridis”. Another lawyer working for the firm, Kevin Blair, said the agency had held up the industry while ignoring “industry experts” and “widely accepted scientific practices”.

“There are absolutely no public health or safety risks to warrant the subpoena, and we respectfully ask the Court to provide relief to Veridis and to provide accountability and oversight to an agency that has far exceeded its authority,” Blair said in a statement.

The suit calls for injunctions against the summons, citing procedural and substantive due process violations of due process rights and equal protection rights. It also calls for a ruling that finds civil conspiracy, abuse of procedure, and the agency’s paucity of power to “briefly restrict licenses.”

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