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throw vintage wagner
Want to snuggle with Wagner? It’s not the usual response to a guy whose name is synonymous with epic operas huge and (for many) impenetrable, but if Bayreuth tickets beat your budget, this throwback adorned with the stark German composer’s personality means the maniac Wagner in your life could wear their heart on Their sleeve, or at least their fanaticism over their futon. £50.21,

Soprano cookbook
Be your own kitchen capo and celebrate the rich culinary history of gangster cuisine with The Sopranos Family Cookbook: As Compiled by Artie Bucco. “What, no fucking ziti?” wrong. There is a lot of ziti (even Janice had a vegan recipe). First published in 2002 but rediscovered after the shutdown as people immersed themselves in the series again – Carmella Rigatoni’s sausage is a particular triumph. £14.95

squid marble game
South Korea’s hit on Netflix saw 456 persecuted and desperate people compete in violent roundups of children’s games for a cash prize. So far, very festive. Our hero Ji Hoon’s manners were also tested during the ball game, lovingly recreated here along with the menacing business card, for effortless home competitions. £4.45

Shakespeare socks
To buy or not to buy: That is the question when it comes to giving away boring old socks. But this elegant collection from the London Sock Exchange and Shakespeare’s Globe features Bard filament characters in stunning designs and colors: Caesar in imperial purple, Romeo and Juliet in blood red, and forest green for the bottomless in your life. £60,

Postmodern architecture merch
For the partial pomo friend in your life, what could be better than rest MI6 Construction Pillow While drinking tea from Poultry Cup No. 1? Designer Adam Nathaniel Foreman has produced an impressive collection of affordable bags, T-shirts, pillows, mugs, and prints adorned with all your favorite postmodern architectural icons. pillow £32; mug £16,

Virgin of the Rocks deck chair
The National Gallery contains an irresistible gift for Leonardo fans to sunbathe, decorated with the most beautiful figure of his altar before him. Put your owl on an angel, or adapt it into a flying machine. £140

Grayson Arts Club Panorama
Re-ignite all your favorite hobbies in lockdown with Grayson Perry’s Art Club jigsaw. Patron saint of amateur artists, the familiar slogans “stay alert” and “stay home” are united with cozy scenes of drinking wine, making bread and buying toilet paper in bulk. This 750-piece challenge is sure to make the whole family remember a ground beef pie or two. £15

John Cage T-shirt, Back to the Theater face mask, French Dispatch hat, Jeff Koons hoodie, Lil Nas X prayer candle, Maåneskin tie, Camus shirt.
All decorated… (clockwise from top left) John Cage shirt, Back to the Theater face mask, French Dispatch hat, Jeff Koons hoodie, Lil Nas X prayer candle, Maåneskin tie, Camus shirt.

John Cage New Ideas T-Shirt
His silence changed the world, but when he opened his mouth he also had a lot of fun things to say. Any Z-er would surely be pleased to point to one of the twentieth century’s greatest thinkers while endorsing his refusal to accept the status quo. £16.38

Back to the Future / Theatrical face mask
Stop the spread of coronavirus and easily prevent your neighbor from hearing Johnny B Good with triumphant face masks designed for the Back to the Future musical and celebrating the reopening of beleaguered theaters in the UK. Nice gift (MC). £12

Bored en Place baseball cap
What screams more in France than a baseball cap emblazoned with the name of a make-up town that looks to shrug off Galic followed by a whiff of Gitanne’s smoke? Well, it’s clearly a hat. But you miss the point. Ennui-sur-Blasé was city The French Dispatch is where Wes Anderson’s timeless masterpiece is set in 2021, so this is the perfect gift to replace your worn out Fantastic Mr Fox bandit hat. accessory with dead fish And You look like an angry old man. £20.36

Jeff Koons Hoodie
Pay homage to the king of pop art with a range of clothing made in collaboration with Uniqlo, all significantly cheaper than his. This balloon animal hoodie is the choice of the group. £24.90,

Night Nas X Prayer Candle
Between appearing on tabloid talk show Morey to see if his ex is married (a parody, though some viewers failed to realize it) and giving the Devil a big dance in Montero’s video, there hasn’t been a dull moment for Lil Nas X this year. Say a small prayer to your pop fan with this fetching candle. $50,

NSAnisken tie
They are the dazzling rock band who have made Eurovision great again, and added another trophy to the 2021 Italy Prize (see also: Euros, Bake Off). Channel the Måneskin inside you with this skinny tie, best paired with glossy leather—and a low-cut neckline as acceptable at your dinner table on December 25. 20 EUR

camo shirt
Do you see what they did there? They culturally dedicate an advertisement for cigarettes to prove a philosophical point of view. Camo instead of camel. An existential death warning, not a government health warning. And right in the middle, the philosopher of the absurd himself, inhales death with every breath. $13,

Bo Burnham mug, James Bond scalextric, Diana t-shirt, Valerie Solanias beach towel, Record your own song, Taylor Swift scarf, Harry Styles nail polish.
Style and substance… (Clockwise from top left) Bo Burnham mug, James Bond scalextric, Diana’s T-shirt, Valerie Solanas beach towel, record your single, Taylor Swift scarf, Harry Styles nail polish.

Bo Burnham Instagram of the white woman glass
Bo Burnham’s music flyer from the bottom of the lockdown, inside, is a comedy masterpiece from the Covid era. If you want to be reminded of it every breakfast time, the White Woman’s Instagram cup, which celebrates one of the show’s least eccentric words, is a must. £12.76

No time to die Scalextric
You like Bond movies, right? And you love Scalextric, I bet, what Alan Partridge-esque man are you? Well, the 007 Marketing Machine has made another cross-brand multi-brand masterpiece: the No Time to Die Scalextric lineup that includes two ultra-stylish Bond cars, the Aston Martin DB5 (the lower-profile sports car) and the Jaguar XF (larger and denser). Let the battle begin… £59.99,

Diana T-shirt
From Diana: Musician to The Crown and Kristen Stewart Biography Spencer, Diana’s popular cultural force, Princess of Wales stronger than ever. Celebrate Sir D with this Y2K-inspired tee, which pays homage to her royal poise… and her much-documented love of cycling shorts. £17.50,

Valerie Solanas a beach towel
Want to rage against patriarchy and enjoy a day at the seaside? Now you can do both with this towel created by multimedia artist Seth Bogart. It commemorates the SCUM Statement to Eliminate the Male Species by the Woman Who Shot Andy Warhol. $59.99,

Record your own single
Jack White, of White Stripes and analogue fetishist fame, has opened a London outpost for his brand and record store Third Man Records. It’s a great day trip for music lovers, especially if you use the indoor record kiosk to cut the performance of your favorite song straight to vinyl. £15

Taylor Swift’s scarf (allegedly) stolen by Jake Gyllenhaal
The All Too Well saga commemorates how Jake Gyllenhaal not only broke Swift’s heart, but also stole her scarf. Alongside a triumphant new re-recording of the song (restored to its full 10-minute glory) comes a replica of one of the most effective artifacts in Swiftian’s long and restful lore, you can see why he stuck by it. £35,

Harry Styles nail polish
Harry Styles was the 8,025 celebrities who launched a beauty brand this year, with Halsey, Naomi Osaka, and Ellen DeGeneres among the famous names whipping up everything from eye shadows to face lotion. The fun is a cut above the rest, a delicate and sparkly collection that includes eye-catching, shiny nail colors and decorative stickers. 50 GBP

Pablo Bronstein tea towel, postpunk ruler, Women for Peace banner set book, Sun Ra diorama, Sin Ra shirt, Keith Haring chair, Derek Jarman model hut.
Radical ideas… (clockwise from top left) Pablo Bronstein tea towel, postpunk ruler, Women for Peace banner set book, Sun Ra diorama, Sin shirt, Keith Haring chair, Derek Jarman model hut.

Pablo Bronstein tea towels
Christmas sherry mugs beg to be smoothed with a tea towel printed with Pablo Bronstein, a masterpiece featured in its current exhibition at the Sir John Soane Museum in London. Cake and pastry towers are set against an elaborate architectural background of towers. Delicious and a little sinister, like Christmas itself. £12

Postpunk rules
With charts, maps, and other rating tools, Dorothy Graphic Design offers great gifts that stimulate the fun centers of music geeks. The 12-inch ruler measures the 12 years between punk and grunge on a series of classic albums, engraved so it looks like a vinyl record. £18,

Women for Peace: Banners from Greenham Common
Forty years after the Women’s March of Cardiff to protest the storage of US nuclear missiles at Berkshire Air Force Base, a book collects the astonishing signs they and their ilk have made in order to prevent the world from collapsing to shreds. 14 GBP

Sun Ra and Arkestra diorama
Free jazz alien astronaut Sun Ra, you know, was born on Saturn (not, as Wikipedia absurdly claims, Birmingham, Alabama). There’s no better way to celebrate his mind-expanding futuristic, post-pop, black frog than this playset featuring Mr. Ra and his old lieutenants, dressed in outfits that combine ancient Egyptian and space age costumes. It requires some installation. £12.50,

It’s a sin T-shirt
Davis’ Russell T. Davis drama about the effects of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the ’80s on a group of bright-eyed friends was a terrifying but hopeful television treat. It has also inspired a wide range of brands to create T-shirts, artwork and more in support of the Terrence Higgins Trust. £25,

Keith Haring children’s chair
Encourage your budding artist to follow Haring’s example of defying tradition, fighting injustice and questioning authority – while also encouraging them to sit back and calm for a while. £85

Derek Jarman Hut Model Kit
On the windswept Dungeness Beach, Derek Jarman’s Prospect Cottage home has attracted thousands of visitors since the filmmaker’s death in 1994. If you don’t fancy facing the cold Kent coast, this flat pack includes wood, a card, and instructions on how to do it. Build one model at home. £17,

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