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Manish Pandey from Josh Talks talks about his journey as a start-up consultant and consultant

The journey of an entrepreneur is not an easy one, and having an understanding guide to help them in the early stages is a gift. Manish Pandey from Josh Talks He played a very important role as a mentor and supporter for many entrepreneurs and content creators over the years.

Manish used to lead the research team at Josh Talks and is now responsible for operations and culture. Besides his full time job, he also has He helped several entrepreneurs, including Ranveer Allahbadia aka Beer Biceps, as a mentor and advisor.

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“I really like to help people. So far, I didn’t know how to decide what to do. First of all, I was a full-time member of the Josh Talks team. Therefore, in my books, it was unethical to withdraw money from anywhere else. I’ve never gotten paid from any of the entrepreneurs or content creators I’ve worked with, but Supriya (co-founder of Josh Talks) one day approached me and said what you’re doing is great, but you should pay a little money for people to appreciate your time.”

Encouraged by the Josh Talks team, Manish is now working commercially with some startups and content creators as a consultant and mentor.

“Until 2020, I wasn’t taking any money. I used to think what I do is just meet them and talk to them and something beautiful comes out. So, my spiritual being in me was saying it came out of you and not yours. So why take money for that? Now I’m engaged in More than talking. I’m involved in their daily tasks and now have business associations with a few startups. But all said and done, there are hundreds of people who have spoken to me and I’m not taking money out of them because some are growing and some are trying to make their mark.”

“I really like to help young people who have the enthusiasm to do beyond what ordinary people do. So, I believe this is my contribution to building a stronger nation.”

Manish, who came from Silvassa, Gujarat, had very humble beginnings. He reveals that he loves helping people become independent. This idea drives him to support those who want to go further.

The importance of being disciplined and consistent

Manish says he shares what he learned from his journey It is very important to be disciplined and consistent. It is also important to believe in what one does and to study the niche in which one is working, he adds.

Young content creators recommend it Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and collaborate more for growth. Manish also believes that storytelling would be a big thing.

According to Manish, the next trillion-dollar company — perhaps in a decade — will be a storytelling company or a company that supports storytelling.

Talking about how people reach out to him for guidance, Manish reveals that networks have always been very close to his heart.

“Somehow, I developed this art of communication myself. I would read a lot of books, and whenever I used to go and talk to people, I knew what I was talking about. This is how people have known me and this is how people have referred me to others for any help as well.”

In this episode of the 100X Entrepreneur Podcast, Manish Pandey talks about his journey as a mentor to entrepreneurs.

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Notes –

02:50 Helping Entrepreneurs and Content Creators

07:49 Reverse Life Introspection to Level 5

16:04 – Ranveer meets God Padia

21:12 – Advice for 100xEntrepreneur to build her brand on social media

23:44 – Banishing one’s weakness

26:08 – Manish in spirituality

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