Manga artist Kiko Takemiya paints the art of stained glass windows for Muscat Airport – Benefit

prominent shoujo manga artist Kiko Takemiya Artwork drawing and supervision of a large sale stained glass window will be displayed in the terminal building of Tokushima Oodori Airport in Tokushima in March 2022. The city of Tokushima, located on the island of Shikoku, Japan, is Takemiya’s hometown.

The title of the stained glass piece is Zomeki –Ykyū no Nibyōshi – (Zomeki – Eternal Dual Scale -). “Zomeki” refers to one of the dances characteristic of the annual Awa Dance Festival, which is held as part of the Obon Festival in Tokushima Prefecture. In addition to illustrations of the dancers, the piece depicts characters from the following Takemiya manga: pharaoh no hakkaAnd disparityAnd Kaze to Ki no UtaAnd Himi KuzushiAnd to TerraAnd Fly me to the moon!And Izaron Densetsu, And Tenma no Ketsuzoku.

“I loved the free atmosphere in the summer, as men and women all over the city were enjoying the Awa dance in their own way,” Takemiya commented. Regarding the manga’s character illustrations, she also commented, “I hope it brings out nostalgia.”

The window is currently being designed by Creare Atami Yugawara studio in Shizuoka. Once completed, it will be displayed in the departure lounge on the third floor of the building.

Takemiya helped both pioneer modern shoujo Manga and modern science fiction manga. along with Moto Hagyu And Ryoko IkedaTakemiya is part of Year 24 – a group of innovative manga creators who were born in or around Shōwa 24 (1949) and who made up the now diverse field. shoujo Mango.

Takemiya won the shogakukan Manga award for both to Terra And Kaze to Ki no Uta Mango. Vertical published both to Terra And Andromeda Stories In English. manga planet He licensed both manga in 2019 as towards the earth And Andromeda Galaxy Stories, Straight. The towards the earth Mango She inspired an anime in 2007.

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