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Amazon releases ‘Rooney’ documentary trailer

The global giant has announced, that Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney will be the face of a new sports documentary from Amazon Prime.

Rooney, who spent a total of 13 years at Old Trafford and won 16 major awards, has been chosen to be the subject of one of Amazon’s latest projects, along with boxer Nicola Adams, who will also be the subject of a documentary.

While the Adams documentary is due out next month, Rooney is set to hit our television screens early next year, as the documentary prepares to provide viewers with a glimpse into the life of the current Derby County manager and the United and Everton legend.

The documentary, simply called Rooney, was directed by BAFTA award winner Matt Smith and will look closely at the former United player’s high performances on the field, as well as the problems he faced in his personal life away from football. .

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Amazon has announced the release of a documentary about Wayne Rooney next year. (Photo: John Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images.)


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