Manchester United could use Ralph Rangnick to improve their football operation – Tyrone Marshall

In search of a temporary manager Manchester United He couldn’t have come down to a figure more respected, experienced, or reliable than Ralph Rangnick.

The 63-year-old is one of the game’s deepest thinkers in Europe and his playing principles have influenced the current breed of German coaches who dominate the game, including Thomas Tuchel, Julian Nagelsmann and Jürgen Klopp.

Not only Rangnick He coached 722 games over his 34-year coaching career, but has also thrived in executive roles, notably at the Red Bull Group and at RB Leipzig. He has a finger on the pulse of how a football club should operate.

His six months in charge of United will be impressive in terms of how quickly he can turn this squad into a team that fits the profile of Rangnick, who is so focused on pressing. His special effects include Valerie Lobanovsky and Arrigo Sacchi, two coaches who helped introduce the concept of pressure into the game.

He has the coaching experience and tactical ability to stabilize United’s season, ensuring a fourth place finish in the Premier League and a challenge to the Champions League.

But perhaps the most interesting and beneficial aspect of hiring Rangnick at Old Trafford is what comes after the end of his tenure as interim manager. It looks like a consulting role for a few years will be in the near future and it’s fair to wonder what United would have achieved over the past nine years had they turned into someone with the credibility and knowledge of football from Rangnick in 2013, or ever. point since.

This does not necessarily mean that Rangnick was appointed as manager at the time, but his appointment to an advisory or even an executive position, such as director of football, would have given United structure and continuity during the post-Sir Alex Ferguson years. Instead, they veered from one strategy to the next and hardly got any further along the path to success than they did in 2014.

The exact nature of Rangnick’s role has not yet been clarified, but he will not leave Lokomotiv Moscow, where he has served as head of sports and development, since the summer, without ensuring the continuation of work after May.

There will be critics suggesting that his position can cause confusion, such as the new permanent director Mauricio PochettinoRangnick, Football Director John Murtaugh and Technical Director Darren Fletcher.

But the German is used to taking on different roles within the club and throughout his career he has shown the ability to make the dynamics work, finding a way to join a system and influence the organization in which he works.

For United, having Rangnick on board after next summer has a lot of potential benefits. The former Hoffenheim and Schalke 04 manager has always been media friendly and happy to discuss his principles over the long term and can pave the way between the process on the pitch at Old Trafford and the boardroom.

With Ed Woodward set to depart as executive vice president at the end of the year, with Richard Arnold lined up as his replacement, the new man, who has little experience running a football club, could benefit Rangnick’s permission for advice. and instructions.

Likewise, having him around Old Trafford and Carrington can help Murtog and Fletcher, who were appointed to their positions earlier this year but are still finding their feet in the chassis and are working to define the exact terms of what they are doing. Fletcher was appointed technical director but had boots on during training and became more important on match day as well, as he was on the bench recently and oversaw the warm-up at Villarreal on Tuesday night.

Murtaug has been with United since January 2014, and has risen through the ranks despite the managerial turmoil at the time pointing to a skilled worker who has a lot to offer the club. His promotion to United’s first director of football in March was a minor appointment and his first role in that stature at a club, although he has enjoyed a long career in the game and served as head of the Premier League team. Elite performance.

A club statement released at the time detailed how Murtog’s role would operate, and although it did mention his work alongside Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the brief should remain the same for whoever is in charge.

“As Director of Football, John will work daily with Ole to align staffing and other strategies and to ensure the first team has the best operational support they need to succeed,” the statement said.

Ole will continue his role in the hiring process, supported by extensive data exploration and data analysis functions who will continue to report to John Matt Judge [previously head of corporate development] He will also report to John, with a new title of Football Negotiations Manager.

“John will have overall leadership and responsibility for operations and strategy across all football functions, bolstering the strong foundations that already exist. This appointment builds on the work that John has already done in recent years, working closely with Ole Gunnar Solskjær and the rest of the football team to create the structures operations and culture to achieve sustainable success on the pitch. This has included successful reforms of the club’s academy and recruitment department.”

This is an important role but it may help Murtog to have Rangnick on hand to bounce ideas off and have discussions with him. While Murtog will want to continue to have his own power, he finds his feet in this type of role, while Rangnick has years of experience.

If United’s director of football can use Rangnick’s advice wisely, he could benefit as much as anyone from the German coach’s presence beyond the end of his interim role as manager.


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