Man who broke into Walgreens in 2020 gets 6 months community jail

A man who admitted he used a sledgehammer while storming a chain of Walgreens pharmacies during the May 2020 riots and looting in Chicago has been sentenced to six months in prison.

William Lorenz, 42, has asked US District Judge Gary Feinerman for a break so he can deal with his drug addiction and take care of his teenage son and elderly mother. He described his crime as “the worst decision I have ever made in my life”. Prosecutors also said Lorenz cooperated in their investigation, and helped them find his partner on the looting spree.

Weinerman said the looting of pharmacies “was unforgivable and added chaos to an already devastating day.” He said he “struggled” with Lorenz’s ruling. Had it not been for Lorenz’s mother and Lorenz’s stable job at Panera Bread, he said Lorenz would have been sentenced to nine months in prison.

The judge said the six months he spent in a community detention facility like The Salvation Army might help Lorenz keep his job.

Wienerman Last fall, Ivan Bermudez was sentenced to 15 months in prison, who admitted he joined Lorenz in storming pharmacies. Lorenz’s attorney said Bermudez’s idea was to join in the looting. It was stated in the plea agreement with Bermudez that Lorenz told him he wanted to score “the score”.

Bermudez called Lorenz on May 31, 2020, telling him he was looting, was near Lorenz’s house and was collecting tools, as per Lorenz’s agreement. She said Lorenz decided to join the Bermudas, and they decided to break into pharmacies to steal the codeine and OxyContin syrup.

They made their way around 6 p.m. to Walgreens near 1600 North Pulaski Road, according to the document. He said that when they got there, they realized it had already been broken into, but went inside to see what was left. According to the document, Lorenz did not take anything.

Bermudez took one bottle of promethazine, according to a plea agreement.

They then headed to Walgreens near 3100 West Armitage Avenue, according to Lorenz’s agreement. This is where Lorenz admitted to using a sledgehammer to break the pharmacy door window. It was stated in the plea agreement that he then put his hand through the broken window And open the door. Inside, they searched again for a drink of codeine and OxyContin, the document said. But they failed to find any, and went back to the car.

In the end, they decided to go to Walgreens near 4000 West Irving Park Road, According to the plea agreement with Lorenz. They parked the car in the back and saw that other people were already trying to get in through the back door of Walgreens. The document said that someone then managed to break through the front door, entered Lorenz and headed toward the closed pharmacy.

“They eventually broke into the pharmacy with a sledgehammer to break the window of the pharmacy door,” the plea agreement said, and Lorenz put his hand inside to open the door. Inside, Lorenz said he saw both Adderall and OxyContin stored in a locked cabinet that did not open when someone else hit them with a sledgehammer.

Per the plea agreement, Bermudez and Lorenz also left that pharmacy without taking anything.

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