Man cut off penis due to cannabis-related psychosis: Doctors

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According to his doctors, a man missed a bong session in Thailand. In a new case report, they describe how he “amputated his entire penis” using scissors, apparently due to a rare episode of cannabis-induced psychosis. Although the man’s phantom symptoms faded after he was admitted to hospital and treated for his injuries, doctors were unable to reattach the missing appendix.

The strange injury is detailed in a paper published Over the weekend in the Journal of Medical Case Reports of doctors from Chiang Mai University in Thailand.

The 23-year-old has reportedly been a regular cannabis user for the past two years, but has stopped for the previous three months. Then he returned to his habit by smoking a bong of cannabis, the equivalent of two grams, according to the paper. Two hours later, he began to have an unwanted erection, along with a sharp, persistent sharp pain in his penis. He also stated that the glans (the head of the penis) looked “distorted” to him. In an effort to stop the pain, he decided to grab scissors and “trim the skin of the penis several times.” In the end, he cut his penis clean, leaving behind an inch long stump.

Unsurprisingly, home surgery caused the man to bleed. He was admitted to the hospital two hours after his amputation and immediately treated with antibiotics and anti-tetanus. The emergency surgery stopped the man’s bleeding and cleaned his wounds, and he underwent surgery to open a new opening so he could urinate through his urethra. Unfortunately, although the rod was restored, it was deemed too dirty and brittle to be reconstructed and reattached. By the time the doctors saw the man, the amputated member was left crawling with ants (yes, there are pictures of the penis and stump in the paper, but I wouldn’t recommend watching it if you have a weak stomach).

Given the man’s behavior, he was also psychologically evaluated. Upon entering, he reported having visual and auditory hallucinations, which included seeing moving shadows and hearing birds and insects. But he was otherwise coherent, had no suicidal tendencies, and denied having a family or personal history of depression, self-harm, and any other issues related to past drug use. The man was hospitalized for two weeks and took antipsychotics. By the time he was discharged from the hospital, he no longer had any delusional symptoms.

Because the man’s symptoms occurred shortly after using cannabis and went away after a month of not taking the drug – with no other possible explanation – doctors diagnosed him with a substance-induced psychotic disorder. Cases of people who have had their penis amputated themselves during drug psychosis have not been heard of, although it is rarely reported. They wrote that the rare cases are apparently caused by cannabis-induced psychosis.

Many studies have shown A link between cannabis use and an increased risk of severe schizophrenia-like symptoms, though less obvious Whether cannabis actually increases the risk of schizophrenia itself. And while this risk is generally rare, potential factors include being young and taking cannabis high in THC, the primary ingredient responsible for making you feel high. The sharp and persistent pain in a man’s penis that led to his amputation may be a personal sensation resulting from his delusion, but it may also be the result of an actual unwanted erection caused by cannabis – it is simply not possible to tell which way, the doctors concluded.

In short, cannabis-induced psychosis is a negative effect of cannabis, which can lead to impaired judgment and unexpected self-harm.

As for the man himself, the doctors planned another operation that would lengthen and reconstruct his penis even more. But the patient appears to have moved elsewhere and they have since lost contact with him.


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