Man City vs RB Leipzig Live Stream: UEFA Champions League Updates

Guardiola: Manchester City still have ‘motivation’ to win the Champions League for the first time

Manchester welcome RB Leipzig To the Etihad Stadium this evening as the hosts look forward to the start of the 2021/22 season Champions League His season was positive, after the heartbreak of last season’s defeat to Chelsea in the final.

In the meantime, Leipzig reached the round of 16 last season, and came out with a comprehensive loss to Liverpool over two games. The German club, which was founded in 2009, is still striving to achieve its first title, having come painfully close to last season by finishing second in the Bundesliga and Bochal. Two years ago, Julian Nagelsmann led Leipzig to the Champions League semi-finals – their best effort in the competition to date – but former RB Salzburg coach Jesse Marsh is in charge of the new season.

City enter tonight’s game well, having scored 11 goals and conceding nothing on their way to achieving three wins in their last three games. Meanwhile, RB Leipzig has not started the season impressively, racking up three defeats and one Bundesliga win so far. They will have to improve in order to successfully pass the difficult first group of the Champions League, a group that has been brought close to Paris Saint-Germain and FC Brugge.

Follow live updates from Manchester City vs RB Leipzig in the Champions League below:


Manchester City 2-1 Leipzig

44 min: City resume a penalty kick after the ball appears to have hit Klostermann’s arm – the referee will now check the VAR screen!

Jimmy BraidwoodSeptember 15, 2021 20:47


Goal! Manchester City 2-1 RB Leipzig (Nkunku 41′)

It was coming! Leipzig responded shortly before the end of the first half as Nkunko’s header beat Ederson.

The movement started with a Forsberg pass to the back post, which Mukele nodded back towards Nkunko, who finished in the far corner.

Leipzig had a few moments before they scored, and City became a bit flat.

Jimmy BraidwoodSeptember 15, 2021 20:44


Manchester City 2-0 Leipzig

38 minutes: Leipzig hit the ball well against the pressure of City before Angelino fired on the left. The full-back’s cross is dangerous but Ake was well positioned to clear the ball over the bar for a corner kick.

Next, Ake wins a header from set-pieces before Olmo’s shot veers away from the other – and then City finally clears the ball for a shot.

Jimmy BraidwoodSeptember 15, 2021 20:41


Manchester City 2-0 Leipzig

34 min: RB Leipzig catches the ball in the net but is ruled out for offside! Silva slipped on goal and managed to get past Ederson on the second try, but was offside by a foot or two. Good defensive line from City.

At the other end, Grealish penetrates inside Mukiele and fires a low shot that Gulacsi collected.

Jimmy BraidwoodSeptember 15, 2021 20:37


Manchester City 2-0 Leipzig

31 min: Pep Guardiola will not be entirely happy with his team’s performance so far, but he will be very satisfied with the result. Two great entertainers from Grealish and De Bruyne made the difference.

Here’s the moment Mokele will want to forget.

Jimmy BraidwoodSeptember 15, 2021 20:34


Goal! Manchester City 2-0 RB Leipzig (Mukiele OG 27′)

It’s pretty cool from De Bruyne. From the right, he delivers another dangerous ball across the face of the goal. Mukiele falls into a terrible situation, with Grealish lurking behind him, and a vertical re-attempt towards Gulacsi is wrong. Instead of finding the goalkeeper, he sways over the goal line and doubles City’s lead.

Jimmy BraidwoodSeptember 15, 2021 20:29


Manchester City 1-0 Leipzig

25 minutes: Shut up! De Bruyne makes a great cross toward the back post and Ake is inches from contacting her when he slips.

Jimmy BraidwoodSeptember 15, 2021 20:29


Manchester City 1-0 Leipzig

24 minutes: De Bruyne hits the ball with a peach from the right – Leipzig wins the first header but it falls to Grealish who lines up the ball. Mukele parried his shot, before the defender then fouled outside the penalty area as he went to recover the ball.

Jimmy BraidwoodSeptember 15, 2021 20:28


Manchester City 1-0 Leipzig

22 minutes: That’s good from RB Leipzig. They pass the ball inside to Forsberg, who slips it to Nkunku. His shot was directed by Ederson but the offside flag went up – Nkunko was fine but Silva was in an offside position and was condemned to interfere.

Visitor warning.

Jimmy BraidwoodSeptember 15, 2021 20:26


Manchester City 1-0 Leipzig

21 minutes: City won another corner shortly afterwards. This time they cut it short but Grealish was offside when De Bruyne conceded one and two. This requires some work.

Jimmy BraidwoodSeptember 15, 2021 20:24

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