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Makayla Noble update where a paralyzed Texas cheerleader revealed she can feel her legs

McKayla Noble, a high school cheerleader from Prosper, Texas, revealed that she can feel her legs for the first time since a freak accident left her paralyzed from her chest down and unable to move her hands.

Noble, 17, suffered a severe spinal cord injury during the accident and was hospitalized in Plano Medical City where she had spent more than three weeks prior. Moving to a rehabilitation facility.

On Saturday, Nobel made an announcement about its condition in Facebook social networking site “Makayla’s Fight” group created by her family to share updates about the teen’s condition.

In the clip, Nobel’s sister is translating to her because of a tracheostomy tube that was inserted into her neck while she was in hospital to help with her. lung problems which she was suffering from.

“I have very big news that I want to share with all of you,” Noble said via her sister. “I have a full feeling in my leg. I won’t cry. Maybe a little. I’m so excited and proud.”

“I’ve kept this a secret for a while. I can feel my legs and toes and everything. The only thing that stinks, I can’t move fingers yet but it’s okay because everyone says this is the last thing coming back. Thank you everyone for all the love, support and prayers .means everything. I will keep you updated.”

Since the accident, Noble and her family have received an outpouring of support from their local community in North Texas, and indeed from people all over the world.

Makayla’s Fight group currently has more than 42,000 members, while a GoFundMe page set up by a family friend to help with teens’ medical expenses has raised more than $177,000.

Below the video message of the teen revealing her ability to feel her legs, there are thousands of comments from Facebook users.

One commenter, Ben Rogers said: “Inspirational!!! I’m not crying, this is a sensitivity!!!
We are all with you – all of your wonderful family – in spirit! every day! Keep up the great work! You have this, Mac!! ”

On Sunday, the teen’s family posted an update saying she was out of range Ventilator at night Since Wednesday, she no longer needs oxygen during the day.

“They were great and their numbers are good and this is huge!!! Another answered prayer!”

The family also said the fan had the opportunity to go to the gym for physiotherapy and did “absolutely great”.

But, despite all the good news, the girl also went through some difficult moments on Sunday.

“Mac has spent an emotional afternoon thinking about all the things she might never be able to do again,” the family said.

“However, a doctor came and spoke to her about focusing from the accident onwards and cherishing her progress and will continue to make it! It really helped her.”

The family also said that Noble has begun to return to social media and connect with friends, but does not want to talk about herself and the incident.

“She really wants to hear about them and what’s going on in their lives!”

McKayla Noble (centre left) with fellow fans. Noble was paralyzed after a strange accident.
Tiffany Smith