Magnus Carlsen – Ian Nepomnyachchi: World Chess Championship Game 1 – LIVE! | sports

Carlsen will push for early progress. “As a pregnant champion, you have a good chance to attack at the start,” he said. “This is definitely something I will try.” Previous instances of first-time opponents being frozen include Tigran Petrosyan’s disastrous first game in 1963 against Mikhail Botvinnik and Bobby Fischer’s capture of a poisoned pawn against Boris Spassky in 1972.

In the 2018 match, Fabiano Caruana was shaky in the first marathon match and should have lost in the 38th move. Carlsen himself, in his second match against Vichy Anand in 2013, Caro-Kahn planned 1 e4 c6 but nervously hit his pawn c7. However, there are also examples such as 1927 and 2000 where the challenger scored an early goal and went on to win the match.

India’s Vichy Anand, who lost two title matches to Carlsen, believes that the opponent’s best chance is to find complex and difficult situations where months of preparation with Zhores’ supercomputer will give him chances. “I feel like Magnus is weak under these circumstances,” he said. “It’s already his fifth title match, so the fire isn’t burning inside.”


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