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Mag Safe your life with these great iPhone 12 accessories

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Owners of Apple’s iPhone 12 line smartphones can take advantage of a feature related to this generation of handsets (well, at least until the iPhone 13 is finished). MegSafe, which uses magnets to attach equipment and has a suitable wireless charging pad in the center, has spawned a growing crop of useful equipment. Yes, Apple sells them, but you can save money and often get more innovation by turning to a third party.

Here’s a look at two of MegSafe’s products that will serve you well, regardless of your budget.

Smart with MagSafe

I’ve long been a fan of smartphone cases based in SmartStation, Austin, Texas, which consistently wins the “Best iPhone Case for Most People” from Vericator. This robbery is for this “easy” case, which in recent times has been called “Grippank” by many of his age. Now, SmartStitch has launched a version of this case that supports the MegSafe charging system.

For now, there are only two colors available in the grip with the Magsif Collection: Black Tie Affair and Nothein ‘from Hyde, which is a clear case. They are available in three sizes, suitable for iPhone 12 and Pro, Mini and Pro Max. For the most part, they are similar to the non-magnifier model, except in the obvious case that you can see the embedded magnets used for the magnifier.

Both colors have slightly sharper and more proportionate edges that make grapefruit “interesting”, as does the marketing of Smartish. Whatever case I’ve tried, it seems to be the least likely to slip out of my hands, but it’s not that rough, nor does it add much to the issue.

In the case of concealing Nothan II, the blur disappears from the inside of the back, which in some obvious cases prevents the appearance of “bubble”. But once you get on the phone, you won’t be able to see it, and whatever iPhone 12 you’re packing has a clear end.

The magnets are strong and do not slip with the Mag Safe Charger. They lt the addition of the wallet. They also provide good grip, and this makes Apple feel much more secure than its case.

The MegSafe feature has added 5 adds to the price of GPMONK, bringing it to ڈالر 19.99 on both the company’s website and Amazon.

This is another winner for Smartish, with Gregmonic Magsif being one of the most secure deals you can buy. The Nuthen 2 concealment is definitely more protective than Apple’s more expensive clear case, which exposes the bottom of the screen. MagSafe’s implementation is perfect, and the price is right. The only downside: Only two colors. More to come soon.

Twelve South Four 2

While I love Apple’s MegSafe charging system, I don’t love the fact that the surface of the charger is a pad that is flattened on a desk, without any additions. I know wireless charging pads are popular, but for me it makes more sense than a straight charging stand. I can see what is happening on the screen of my iPhone 12 Pro Max when it is straight and facing me.

That’s why I was excited to find FortFind for the iPhone charging stand for the Magsaysay from Twelve South, which makes pretty pretty smart items primarily for Apple products. The Fort ہے is a shiny white, with a heavy metal base that prevents it from tipping over.

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Some assembly is required, but it is easy. Use the included Allen wrench to attach the beard of the charger to the base with a single screw. Insert your Magsif charger into the holder at the end of the rod and press its cord into the groove along the back of the rod.

Fort فور then puts your iPhone 12 model in its place. You can position it vertically or horizontally – it’s great for watching videos – and the head of the stand can be tilted completely horizontally. Since the MagSafe Charger is a fully compatible Qi wireless device, you can set your AirPods Pro or AirPod with a wireless case on top of the pad when it’s set horizontally.

Fort costs 40 for the iPhone, which is a bit expensive for a stand without a charger, but it is firmly built and looks great.

Of all the products I’ve seen, turning the Magsaysay Pad into a straight stand looks the most beautiful. I’d love to see Twelve South sell a version that comes with its own Magsif Type Charger.


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