Madeleine Klein dances with Ross Butler amid Chase Stokes affair – Hollywood Live

Madeleine Klein was captured in a video dancing with actor Ross Butler in Milan, Italy, leading fans to believe Madeleine may have broken up with fellow Outer Banks star, Chase Stokes.

You have offshore banks stars Madeleine Kleinand 23 and Chase Stix, 29, it is called quit? Fans (unfortunately) think that might be the case, after Madeline was spotted hanging out with her 13 Reasons Why the actor Ross Butler, 31, during Milan Fashion Week. First, Madeleine and Ross were photographed sitting side by side in Salvatore Ferragamo on Saturday, September 25, and Ross posted that shot to his Instagram account. Look at that picture Here.

A few days later, the two actors were filmed in a video dancing together inside Cera Restaurant. In the footage you posted TMZ Thursday (September 30) and can be watched Here, Ross casually spins Madeleine, as the two stars seem to have fun and feel fairly comfortable together.

Ross Butler at the Salvatore Ferragamo show during Milan Fashion Week on September 25, 2021 (Photo: Riccardo Giordano/Aiba/Shutterstock)

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Madeleine and Ross are nothing more than friends. But after the duo’s recent outings together, fans have been speculating about the state of Madeleine’s relationship with Chase. The two stars play on-screen lovers Sarah and John B. In their successful series on Netflix, and in June 2020 they They confirmed that they were dating After months of romantic speculation.

A month after the stars’ relationship was announced, Chase said he was “very excited” about the romance emerging in exclusive interview With Hollywood Live. Then Madeline gave a happy Update about her relationship With Chase in November 2020. “It’s really cool. The actress gushed during a video interview with ‘Love Is Tight’ Entertainment tonight. She added, “It’s so great that you share this experience with your favorite people and also with your favorite person. I really don’t know – I feel so happy.”

Madeleine Klein and Chase Stokes
Madeleine Klein and Chase Stokes in ‘Otter Banks’ (Photo: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

It was one of Madelyn and Chase’s most recent public outings together in 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards In May, where the co-stars shared such a wonderful moment. After the real-life couple won Best Kiss for their work on the show, they set out Make it on stage – Lots of crowd excitement! Madelyn and Chase were a fan-favorite couple, so fingers crossed their continued strength.

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