Macroni, a web designer with a love of the Internet, names his newborn son ‘HTML’

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Macroni, a web designer with a love of the Internet, names his newborn son ‘HTML’

It is more likely that someone, anywhere in the world, has a widely known phrase “What’s in a name?” Is using As you read this. But for this Filipino man, everything is in name, especially when it comes to his love of the internet and his profession: web designing.

The man in question is making headlines for naming his newborn son ‘HTML’ and taking over social media. Internet news was shared on Facebook by the child’s aunt, after which HTML was introduced to the world.

The post, which went viral immediately, has received over 12,000 likes so far. However, the comment section was full of mixed reactions while trolling the newborn. “This is purely psychological abuse,” wrote one user. Many users said that naming a child ‘HTML’ could lead to bullying at school.

But HTML’s aunt had none of that. In a post on Facebook, Pascal scoffed at the narcissists, saying, “People are too pathetic to normalize bullying because of the name. Not to worry, hypertext markup language preschool and It doesn’t make sense for grade schools. ”

But here’s an interesting fact. HTML is not the first person in the family to take a unique name. Apparently, naming is a family affair.

In an interview with
Inquirer NetThe child’s aunt sincerely revealed that her brother Mack’s real name is Macroni, while her sister’s name is Spaghetti, who has two children, Paneer Pemento and Pearsman Cheese.

He also has cousins ​​named Design and Research. But then, what’s in the name, right?


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