MAC Cosmetics Collaborates with Whitney Houston for a New Makeup Line

Next year marks ten years since the death of legendary Whitney Houston. However, her properties have worked to keep her name and legacy alive, and they recently announced a new partnership with MAC Cosmetics that will help celebrate her timeless beauty.

according to the people, Mac. He secured a long-term and multifaceted partnership with the estate of Whitney Houston. They are set to release a group in 2022, and will also support Whitney’s upcoming biopic I Want To Dance With Someone, which is also slated for release next year. They are said to help recreate some of Whitney’s iconic beauty looks for the film. There are also other upcoming projects that will be announced later.

Whitney’s sister-in-law and manager Pat Houston spoke about the deal and said, “The idea that’s coming to fruition now is something Whitney has always wanted to do. I’m glad we can do something I know she’ll love. We’ve just started this collaboration but exciting things are coming!”

Pat continued, “Whitney has always been a champion for women who feel beautiful. Whether it’s a big event or just everyday wear, our work with MAC is all about creating a line that can meet all of these needs. The line will be a color match she loved working with.”

as we are Previously According to the report, an update to the “I Want to Dance With Someone” movie selection process was announced last week. Actor Ashton Sanders will play the role of Bobby Brown in the bio, which will be released by Sony and TriStar Pictures on December 23, 2022.

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