Luna Display’s latest update lets you use the Mac as another PC display.

Luna Display’s latest update adds a helpful new feature: Allows you to use a Windows PC or Mac laptop or desktop (including Apple’s Flash M1 iMacs) as a secondary display. The new update also enables 4K and 5K resolution options (assuming you’ve got a screen that supports it).

While Luna Display has been offering Mac-to-Mac connectivity for a while, so far, users have only been able to connect the PC to the iPad using the company’s dongle and software setup. The new PC to Mac connection works via wireless and Ethernet connections, just as the Mac to Mac option does.

Additionally, the Luna Display update adds support for 5K and 4K monitors at full resolutions, although there are still some limitations: PCs can only run at 5K 30Hz, while Macs can run it up to 45Hz. Assuming they have been updated to macOS. Big pig On the other hand, 4K resolution will run up to 60Hz on both platforms. Still, with the new PC support, the Luna Display update makes it almost the best solution to use the M1 iMac as a secondary display.

Earlier this year, a new update on the heels of the Luna Display is hot, adding support for iPad setups from PC. The Luna Display itself is priced at $ 129 for Mac or PC, with USB-C, HDMI, or Mini DisplayPort dongle options available depending on the platform of your choice.

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