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A few months after joining the LEGO Mario universe, Luigi is getting three unique LEGO expansion sets. These new kits are based on the best. Of Luigi Palace The series includes classic characters such as King Bo, Professor E Gad, and Poultrypop.

Of the three Luigi’s mansion Set, Haunt-and-seek looks the most interesting. It puts you in a mansion with revolving corridors, ghost battles and other obstacles. Luigi’s mansion the game.

The lab and poltergeist set is cool too (it includes ghost vacuum accessories for the Luigi), and the mansion entryway set lets you re-enact the classic bass fight with Bogmire.

Here are the new ones. Luigi’s mansion Set, plus projected pricing:

  • Luigi’s Mansion Lab and Poltergust Expansion Set ($ 29.95)
  • Luigi’s Mansion Entryway Expansion Set ($ 39.99)
  • Luigi’s Mansion Haunt-and-seek Expansion Set ($ 79.99)

You can combine these three sets into one large room, or use them separately. Just keep in mind that none of these extended sets come with Mario or Luigi LEGO statues. For these, you need to buy Luigi Starter Course or Mario Starter Course. (Mario and Luigi both work with him. Luigi’s mansion Set.)

Although it’s nice to see that LEGO loves Luigi a little bit, but we’re a little worried that it Luigi’s mansion Sets for Halloween didn’t arrive on time. In fact, they won’t launch until January 2022; Mama Mia!

Source: Lego

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