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The latest low-code software development trend report was just published tonight by the publishing team at DZone. I had to contribute, which I understand. “Secret Juice” How to build a low code platform. As Lindsay sent me a link to it tonight, and I started reading it, I almost screamed with joy. The report basically confirms more or less every bold statement I have made regarding software development automation. For example …

  • 78% of respondents answer this. Less code delivers them faster.
  • 39% of respondents answered yes. Low code results are high quality.
  • 33% of respondents say. Low code reduces technical debt.

Interestingly, it seems to be a trend that senior developers are generally more open to less code than junior developers, which I guess is a low code in terms of its practical approach. Says something about According to the respondents, there are two very useful cases of using low code.

  • Enterprise CRUD
  • Interactive web form

Of course, what are my two main characteristics in magic? In fact, if I didn’t know better, you could almost argue that this whole research was bought and paid for by me because of my low code obsession. The wording I have given about low code over the years has been more or less confirmed by scientific data, 672 software developers have participated in it, and in their daily work related to low code. Based on the answers to the questions. You can find my own contribution to the report almost at the bottom of the report.

His other partners are Justin Albano, Eric de Shebel, Steven Lott, Zachary Blitz, Amy Groden Morrison, Roland Elston and Raj Rao. The trend report is basically an explosive one, which has confirmed almost every hypothesis that I have been working on for years. Another interesting point is how important open source lock is as a means of avoiding them as you choose low code frameworks, etc., etc. – read this.

The revolution is over and we have won!

Psst, I obviously have been working on a code framework for many years.


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