Love Island voting numbers have been revealed after Millie Williams won the surprise final

August 25, 2021, 06:33 | Updated: August 25, 2021, 06:34

Millie and William were crowned the winners of Love Island.

Photo: ITV

What are the voting numbers for Love Island 2021? Here’s how much Millie Williams earned…

love island It came to a dramatic end this week, with Millie Court And Liam Reardon Being Crowned the king and queen of the villa.

But while the runners-up Chloe Burroughs And Toby Arumolaran It was also a fan favorite, it turns out the vote wasn’t as close as viewers thought.

ITV has now released the official figures from the Love Island app during the final match, which saw Millie and William receive 42.02% of the viewer’s vote.

There were four pairs in the Love Island final

There were four pairs in the Love Island final.

Photo: ITV

Chloe and Toby were a little behind with 30.85% of the vote, while Faye Winter And Teddy Soares Took 14.85% and Kaz Kamui And Tyler Crookshank It was 12.27%.

There was a lot of opinions on Twitter after the final, with many shocked that Kaz and Tyler finished fourth.

One viewer said: “Nah!!!! Kaz brought so many original, fun and cool costumes to the villa”

Former winner Amber Gill wrote: “I thought Kaz & Tyler would at least be in the top 2 #loveisland.”

Meanwhile, Liam and Millie have opened up about their plans now that they have an extra £50,000 in their back pockets.

Some Love Island viewers were rooting for Kaz and Tyler

Some Love Island viewers were rooting for Kaz and Tyler.

Photo: ITV

The 22-year-old has said he will be relocating from his hometown of Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, to be closer to 24-year-old Millie in Essex.

Liam said in his exit interview: “I love where I come from but I want to be adventurous and move to a new place and Essex seems to be the perfect place really.

“I know some boys who have been in the villa that we got really well and have mentioned moving together and would like to move to Essex, so this is something I will definitely consider and that is really my plan, moving to Essex.”

Millie agreed that the pair wouldn’t rush their relationship and said, “We haven’t walked away yet to miss each other and do those things that you do in normal relationships.

“But we girls [from the villa] They are going to rent a house in Essex, the boys are going to rent a house in Essex, look how it goes for six months and then they crack that [moving in together]. “

“The only thing I want to make sure is that we are still as strong as we are now,” she added.


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