Love Island viewers are concerned after Danny’s “bullish” behavior towards Aaron about Lucinda

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Love Island viewers are concerned after Danny’s “bullish” behavior towards Aaron about Lucinda

Love Island viewers were left uneasy as newcomer Danny Baby became ‘king’ over Lucinda Strafford just hours after she was paired up.

Danny entered the villa and was given less than a day to talk to the girls before deciding who they would pair up with in the new re-pair.

Choosing Lucinda, he left Danny angry after watching Aaron Francis move on her later that evening.

While Lucinda awkwardly rejected Aaron’s advances, he laughed at his efforts and asked, “Are you kidding?” Danny looked furious, later calling his beloved rival a “snake” in a heated conversation with Jake Cornish.

Danny confronts Aaron after he tries to kiss Lucinda

Aaron said the move was “disrespectful” towards him, and added that there was a “time and place” for Aaron to try it.

Although it continues love islandWhere finding romance is always on paper, Danny then pulls Aaron into a conversation to call him back for what he’s done.

But while Lucinda found his reaction to kisses almost “hot”, viewers weren’t impressed, saying he was acting possessive too early on the show.

Love Island Lucinda
Lucinda became the center of the love triangle مثلث

“Danny is one of those toxic and possessive guys. I can see the red flags from a mile away,” one viewer wrote as fans streamed Twitter.

A second said, “I’m sorry but how did Lucinda not get red flags from this behavior from Danny??? Argue and don’t let the guy talk, I’ve had 24 hours. Sit the fuck up.”

A third agreed and said, “Danny gives me big red flags and ends up with a girl he’s known for 24 hours.”

“Danny gave me red flags just by how aggressive he felt there,” a fourth said. “He has kept his cool probably because he is on TV but you can see how angry he is at a girl he knows 24 hours a day. It makes me uncomfortable.”

Despite her perversion, Lucinda said she still wanted to get to know Aaron, which proves to be a sticking point later in the episode.

“I don’t want to waste my time if you don’t feel like it,” Danny told Lucinda, saying he’d go ahead if she wasn’t interested.

Speaking to Aaron later, Lucinda said, “I told him I fancied him and I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on.”

Then she was seen looking uncomfortable as she noticed Danny walking nearby.

While the star is trying to figure out what to do next, tomorrow night’s teaser promises more drama as a “snog, marry, pie” game gives both men another chance to shoot their shot with the blonde islander.

who will win?

Love Island airs weekend nights at 9pm on ITV2.


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