Love Island star Jake Cornish was described as “toxic” by his grieving ex-girlfriend

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Love Island star Jake Cornish was described as “toxic” by his grieving ex-girlfriend

An ex-girlfriend of Jake Cornish has attacked the Love Island star for accusing him of being dishonest about his romantic past before his time on the show.

Even the sad ex-boyfriend was described Jake the 24 year old engineer “Toxic” and accused him of “highlighting her” after their relationship, which lasted four months and ended at the beginning of the year.

Reportedly, the unnamed ex was dumbfounded by Jake’s claim that he had been celibate throughout the pandemic when she claims he’d been dating her for months until things ended in January.

The ex also defended herself after a post on social media attracted attention love island Fans accused her of being cruel to the reality star.

An ex of Jake Cornish attacked him after appearing on Love Island

According to The Sun on Sunday, The former took to the internet after hearing Jake complain about a romantic drought, writing, “Single and single for eight months? Get a day off.”

She added, “A note to those who have said/sent me a ‘be kind’ message, I am a kind hearted person, hurt my heart and I will hurt your heart.”

In a series of purported messages that The Sun says have since been deleted, the former wrote, “I didn’t know he had applied or been accepted into Love Island.

Jake Cornish
Jake claimed to have been celibate throughout the pandemic – but previously allegedly disagrees

“I realize how harmful my comment can be, but it’s harmful when you’re gassed. Hurtful behavior, denial, and it makes you question facts and feelings.

“Anger doesn’t mean I’m hated, it just means I love myself enough to not be bothered about being mistreated.”

She went on to admit that she was angry and upset about what she saw claiming Jake on the show, and claimed that she was only sharing her own side of their story.

The Mirror has approached Love Island for comment.

A Love Island spokesperson told The Sun, “Jake has no way of defending himself from these posters, which are undoubtedly offensive to his family and friends reading.”

The makers of Love Island were forced to release a statement earlier this month encouraging viewers to be nice to the show’s contestants after offensive messages and death threats to Chloe Burroughs were sent online.

They wrote, “We want Love Island to be a positive experience for all our cast, their friends and family.

Last night’s episode generated a strong reaction but some of the viewership’s posts were totally unacceptable.

“We take these matters very seriously and will support cast members and their families in reporting such posts.”

“We would once again like to urge all of our viewers to think before posting, and remember that our islanders are people with feelings,” the message concluded.

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The statement came after news that ITV had released new protocols for Duty of Care before the current series began airing — with contestants given comprehensive ratings before joining the show, and that they would have access to advisors more than a year after leaving the series.

The increase in health and safety rules was introduced following the deaths of former contestants Sophie Gradon in 2018, Mike Thalassits in 2019, and host Caroline Flack in 2020.

Love Island continues on ITV2 and via ITV Hub tonight at 9pm مساء


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