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ITV’s television director said he was “not too concerned” about the large number of Ofcom complaints that Love Island has received this year.

About 24,763 people complained To TV watch after a row between contestants Faye Winter and Teddy Soares.

Winter set off in a long revolution in Soares after a clip was played of islanders telling Casa Amor contestant Clarisse Juliette that he was drawn to her.

Many fans think love island The producers were supposed to step in, but asked if he agreed that ITV had crossed the mark by episode, CEO Kevin Lego said, “No, the thing about complaints these days is that there’s a new show being complained about every week.

Liam Reardon and Millie Court won the £50,000 prize after taking first place in the public vote. Pic: ITV / Lift Entertainment

“It’s so easy to file a complaint now, it wasn’t too long ago to go to the post office and get a stamp and write a letter, now it’s the push of a button.

“I’m not worried about how many complaints they have, did they get a point, did we overshoot or did we not?”

He said improvements needed to be made across the board with a duty of care and that ITV was the “gold standard”.

“The ratings go up when there’s a little bit of conflict, which is an area where you have to make some editorial judgment,” he added.

Love Island 2021 contestants: Sharon Jafka, Hugo Hammond, Chloe Burroughs, Shannon Singh, Kaz Kamui, Brad McClelland, Faye Winter, Aaron Francis, Toby Arumolaran, Liberty Paul and Jake Cornish.  Pic: Lifted Entertainment / ITV
Kevin Lego, president of ITV, said the program still has many years to go. Pic: Lifted Entertainment / ITV

“I generally think they get the right tone; people are yelling at others, as long as it’s not a physical threat, it’s not too inflamed, it’s okay. But for some people, it may be over the line.”

Lego also denied that Love Island had peaked, but acknowledged that producers had been challenged by trying to “push excitement” into future series.

Nearly three million people watched the final on August 23, when Liam Reardon and Millie Court crowned the winners – down 22% from the previous year’s final.

Speaking to the Edinburgh Television Festival, he said: “I don’t think it has peaked, I think that’s the pattern you see when new programming comes in and it’s a huge phenomenon.

“In catch-up it’s definitely the best performing series ever, and it’s still a really strong overnight, and most nights it’s the most-watched 9pm show anywhere.

“There are many more years left and I think the challenge for the producers — and let’s give them a little credit, through a pandemic they’ve been able to put on a show every night — is to make some subtle change to spice it up a bit and make it as fresh as possible.”

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