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Succession He answered the prayers of the masses after nine episodes. Jeremy Strong as troubled Kendall Roy on stage in Season 3, Episode 7 as he puts his hands on a microphone.

While rehearsing for his big 40th birthday party, Kendall sings “The Honesty” to Billy Joel. It’s not quite as catchy as the L for the OG but in Kendall’s eyes, it’s “the whole f****** thing.” in true Succession Fashion, it’s only a matter of time before disaster strikes. NEWSWEEK Everything you need to know about the latest version of Succession.

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After the opening credits, we’re back at Waystar Royco HQ. Tom (played by Matthew Macfadyen) is preoccupied with looking at prison photos before his big incarceration, and Schiff and Roman quarrel. Nothing new to see here.

However, Jerry (J. Smith-Cameron) has a big announcement to make. I heard from a friend in Ministry of Justice (Department of Justice), that the big dogs are happy with how Waystar Royco is handling the cruise line’s investigation. The Department of Justice also believes that Kendall “promised too much” in his testimony from Greg (Nicolas Brown) and that no prison sentences will be issued. Tom gets very relieved, visits Greg and cleans up his office in the trash. It all comes from a place of love.

While Tom, Logan (Brian Cox), Chef (Sarah Snook), Roman (Kieran Culkin), and their co-stars celebrate. Business talk. Logan wants to make a deal with Lukas Mattsson (Alexander Skarsgård), owner of a huge streaming platform. However, he did not show up and instead sent the CFO to the meeting, leaving Logan angry. He, of course, throws a tantrum “It’s bad to start magic like that.” He barks at Chef and sends Roman and Chef to sweet talk Lucas at Kendall’s birthday party.

The Notorious Kane: Ready to Die

Now for the event of the century: Kendall Roy’s 40th birthday party called The Notorious KEN: Ready to Die.

At first, it seems like Roman is honestly going to Kendall’s party because, in his own devious way, he cares about his brother. However, as the night goes on, we know that’s not the case at all.

Shiv also swings at the party, under the impression that she will help Roman get a deal with Lucas. Tom is there, looking depressed, Cousin Greg is there in a light blue floral shirt ready to try his luck with Kendall’s PR, Comfry (Dasha Nekrasova), and Conor Roy (Alan Rock) there, refusing to take his jacket off causing all sorts of trouble.

“Congratulations, you were just born into the world of Kendall Roy,” a woman dressed as a nurse yells as Roy enters the party. They literally entered Kendall’s party by walking through a replica of their mother’s vagina, yes, really. If that wasn’t strange enough, there was the “Courtesy Tunnel”, in which Tom lost his mind, and a room full of fictional newspaper fairs, which contain malicious headlines about his brothers.

Succession series season 3 episode 7
Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy in Succession Series 3, Episode 7

Of all the jokes, the ones that don’t land are the ones about Connor. “Connor Roy, head ****** in his bag,” the headline reads. Connor is still seriously considering running for president and wants to be taken seriously and Kendall’s little joke doesn’t help.

It soon turns out that the reference was to the time Connor had to use a bag as a toilet of his choosing after eating some spoiled fish. But the heartbreaking part is what really happened when Connor took Kendall and Roman on a fishing trip when they were younger because “My dad can’t bother him.” This is the first reference to Roy’s only childhood in this episode and it won’t be the last.

Roman proceeds to give Kendall a birthday card from his father. Logan left the front of the card looking pretty, wishing Kendall a Merry Christmas, but on the inside he scribbled a Christmas message and wrote “CASH OUT AND F*** OFF.” Logan also included his “stock purchase proposal” letter for Kendall to read. He offers to buy Kendall’s stock in Waystar and effectively expel Kendall from the Roy family for good. Is this a very frivolous or clever move from Logan? You can be the judge.


Kendall got a tree house installed in his party (made of George Washingtonoak tree) and Lucas Matson hides in it. Shiv and Roman want access to him, so they can sweetly talk him into a Waystar deal, but Kendall doesn’t have any of it. Their fight as adults over who can enter the treehouse in Kendall is certainly a reference to a battle they fought as children over who was allowed to play in the treehouse and who was not.

Schiff soon discovers that she has been left out of Roman and her father’s young plan to buy Kendall out of his stock, no doubt yet another return to a childhood where she has always been sidelined by her siblings and father.

Elsewhere, while Connor defends his right to wear his jacket in the main room downstairs, Roman makes his way to the treehouse and to Lucas. Things get a little awkward when Lukas makes it clear that he wants to work with Waystar in the future if Logan is no longer in charge. Roman asks, “How many years has your father been? Is it less than a year or more like five, because if it’s five, that’s a long time.”

But somehow, Roman went and did it. With the promise, Lukas will never have to work alongside Logan and after allowing Lukas to pee all over his phone trying to load the Waystar StarGo streaming platform, Roman manages to secure a meeting between Lukas and his father about working together.

Kendall Chef The Roman Caliphate
Kendall, Chef and Roman in Succession Season 3 Episode 7
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It seems like the only people having a good time at Kendall’s birthday are Shiv, who’s taken to the dance floor, and Greg, who finally asks Comfry out on a date. As for the birthday boy himself, things took a turn for the worse.

Kendall went into complete self-destruct mode for Kendall and hit rock bottom at the end of the episode after failing to find the gift given to him by his two daughters. He also rejected the gift of Naomi (Annabelle Dexter Jones), who gifted him a new (and very expensive) watch. Kendall collapsed amid a pile of gifts, admitted that the night was “pathetic” and wanted to go home, someone had a “much birthday”.

However, on the way out, Kendall is discovered by Roman, drunk on his deal with Lucas. Roman was never the good guy, but he’s also never been the bad guy, until now. After she was deliberately left out of the family business, Schiff threw insults at her marriage to Tom. He pushed Kendall so hard that he fell in front of the guests. Roman even makes Logan Roy look like a decent guy at the moment.

The episode ends with a broken Kendall, draped in a comic book-themed quilt that Naomi consoles. He looks like a kid who just needs to be loved, but from what we know, Kendall’s childhood isn’t something he or his siblings would like to visit again.

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