Los Angeles police shoot and kill a gunman who was taken hostage in downtown Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Police Department shot and killed a man after he was taken hostage Friday night, police said.

Los Angeles Police responded to reports of a man with a gun near Eight Street and Broadway in downtown Los Angeles around 4:10 p.m., the police said.

The man, whose name was not given, attempted to shoot a man in the face—the gun did not fire—and shot several others, including a 14-year-old boy who had been shot in the head.

Police added that the young man was treated at a local hospital and is expected to survive.

Police said the man then struggled with several other people before entering an apartment complex on Sixth and Main Streets, taking a woman hostage and putting a gun to her head.

“Based on the already incredibly violent actions and fearing that the suspect will kill the hostage, the SWAT entered the apartment,” the Los Angeles Police wrote on Twitter.

Police said the man was shot during the confrontation and died at the scene.

Police added that officers found the gun and the woman was taken to a nearby hospital.


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