Looks like your relatives will ruin Google TV’s recommendations for you this holiday season.

Multi-user profiles are likely to be delayed until 2022.

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Not everyone who lives together has the same taste in entertainment, which is why apps like Netflix and HBO Max offer individual user profiles for each account. Google TV was set to add profiles in November, but if you’re blocking Chromecast, you’ve probably noticed that they’re not live yet. Unfortunately, if you’re expecting to take advantage of separate accounts before the holiday season, you shouldn’t expect them anytime soon.

9to5 According to a new report from Google, Google has delayed profiles on its TV interface. Multi-user support was announced in October, with the latest Chromecast set up to access this feature. However, we already have a few days left in December and have not yet seen the profiles on any Google TV device. It is now set to launch sometime in the coming months, although there is no hard way to predict when you will be able to separate your latest. سوپرانوس Binge endlessly with your roommate The Simpsons Marathon

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Although the company did not rule out any launches before the end of 2021, it looks like consumers will have to wait until next year to start using the profiles. Considering the kid-friendly version of this feature coming to Google TV in the spring, it’s frustrating to wait for everyone else to access the custom home screens and recommendations.

2. Glanceable cards in ambient mode

Thankfully, there are visible cards with profiles announced in October. no Delayed – In fact, they’re starting to launch in the US for some lucky customers. These are designed to combine weather, news, and sports alerts with your photo library for personalized (and useful) slideshows. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Is coming

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Although very few users have been able to access it so far.

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