Looking ahead: B2B website development trends for 2021.

2020 has been a year of extraordinary change as we all adapt to the new routine, and so on and so forth, you’ve heard it a million times since the epidemic began. We hope that much of 2020 will soon be a memory, but many of the trends that are under way will continue to grow in importance.

Website chat keeps growing.

While website chat features are certainly not new, they are becoming more and more common, especially for B2B companies that are experiencing long, complex sales cycles. Live chat offers two major benefits to users:

  • Small commitment
    Users don’t have to fill out long forms to get some real answers. Depending on how your chat is organized, they will not need to provide any information.
  • Quick answers.
    Sometimes, the user just needs a quick question to be answered by a product or service specialist. I use it a lot when I’m reviewing software or other apps for a client – all I need to know is whether the tool can accomplish the X-Task or my client’s credit card. Have to pay

Chat tools have recently made great strides with AI-bots that help guide your users in the right direction. Drift is something you may have heard of before but LiveChat also allows you to create bots with templates.

Accessible extension

Accessibility is exactly what it sounds like – making sure your B2B website design is accessible to all types of users, regardless of physical or intellectual abilities. Accessibility first began to come into the spotlight with high profile court cases such as Domino’s.

Implementing accessible guidelines is ideal, but really building a website according to the ADA is a complicated, muddy and expensive process (often costing 100,000 or more) to design your B2B website. How it affects. For example, WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guide) requires 2 levels of AAA compliance, high level of accessibility, as opposed to 7: 1. Boop Design In Boop, the color of the text on the background color (# 45545f) (# e6e7e8) has a contrast ratio of 6.31 a so it will also fail!

The good news is that there are tools available to help fix this problem. Both Userway and ACCB sit on top of a website and give users the ability to adjust website elements to suit their needs and preferences. XCB Boop Design is installed on the site, so you can play with the options – including vice versa.

Privacy issues are high.

Have you seen the trend yet? When GDPR was introduced in Europe in May 2018, privacy became a major issue for the Internet. Various parts of the world have since enacted their own privacy laws, with California leading the United States. In fact, with the passage of Proposition 24 in the 2020 election, California has recently increased its privacy rules. And remember, California laws don’t just apply to state headquarters – they apply to everyone who has customers. Or Consumers who live in the state!

Rules and requirements vary depending on where your customers are, how big your business is, what kind of information you are collecting, and whether or not your B2B website includes display ads. It can be really great. We strongly recommend that you go with a third party solution such as Iubenda. They hire lawyers who help keep their solutions in line with ever-changing laws around the world.

Voice search optimization is hot.

Well, that can be a bit off the developmental side of things, but it’s still an important topic. People are becoming more and more comfortable asking for information from their phones – and phones are getting better at providing accurate information.

Of course, a lot of people are still asking the question, “Who is the German guy who sang on the beach show in the 90’s?” (My fianc asked a real question. No, the search didn’t give him the answer he wanted. Yes, the answer is David Hasselhoff.) But that doesn’t mean B2B companies should ignore voice search. Should. If MailChimp can run a successful advertising campaign on bus shelters in 2014, B2B companies can be successful in 2021 with voice search optimization.

Voice Search is the most memorable conversation tone. Most users talk very informally when they use their phone to search. So, correction for a phrase like, “Why is Salesforce a good CRM?” More valuable than “Sales Force: Maximum Customer Relationship Management Software”.

While most of these trends aren’t heavy on web development, they are important for modern developers – and B2B marketers – to keep in mind.

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