Logo Free Total iPhone 13 Case Review

Since the announcement of Apple’s new handsets, 9 to 5 Reuters have been making non-stop deliveries, and now we are ready to see the new Totally Claire iPhone 13 case. After taking a closer look at the brand’s popular minimalist lineup for the iPhone 12, and being quite impressed, we’re now ready to consider the Totally Clear iPhone 13 case in the latest 9to5Toys test.

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Totally iPhone 13 case review

The new Totally Clear iPhone 13 case continues the brand’s focus on clean, minimal coverage for Apple’s latest smartphones. At least the word is thrown away a lot more freely, and especially in the world of smartphone cases, but Totalley’s offers really fit the bill.

It’s as thin as you can get while still providing light to the camera array, display and at least some outer shell. The Totally Clear iPhone 13 Case offers users a really slim option with an “almost weightless” design, and again, a super snug fit. From there, you see only one name brand that doesn’t need to put its ugly logo and name on the back of your iPhone. While this may not be a big deal for some people, I, for one, appreciate it, especially when I decide to go with minimal coverage for days, weeks or months.

According to Totalley, your naked iPhone is about 0. 0.29 inches thick, and this case will only increase that number to 0.33 inches.

Here’s a closer look at the specs:

  • Almost weightless.
  • No branding or logo.
  • Mag Safe compatible.
  • Lift your lips around the camera and display.
  • Show off your iPhone design with this transparent iPhone 13 case.
  • The iPhone 13 case does not attract lint or turn yellow.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.

9to5Toys’ Take

If you’re the type of person who prefers a hard cover for your iPhone, the Totally Clear iPhone 13 case should be on your watch list. Completely free of branding and logos, this is easily one of the best minimalist cases I’ve seen in many years. You still get a nice raised lip and display around the camera line to keep things safe from table scratches and scratches, as well as a perfect fit around the new iPhone 13.

After taking the brand’s iPhone 12 case in hand and actually using it for a year now, I can at least back up these claims at the moment that it doesn’t turn yellow over time (or at least Less hurry for me).

This Totally Clear iPhone 13 case is made from what the brand refers to as “soft, crisp material that is great for absorbing shock.” It almost feels like a sticky rubber wrapped around your device, like last year’s offerings, with a little extra grip that doesn’t feel too sticky on my fingers.

If I’m going to force myself to find a negative on this issue, the only thing I can take (unless you hate the obvious minimum cover) is price. This is definitely not the cheapest option out there, especially considering how basic everything is. However, this regularly 39. The option is currently even cheaper with our discount codes, which makes it difficult to swallow the case price tag a bit.

Buy Totally iPhone 13 Case.

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