Liverpool’s 4-axis approach has left Porto dead on paper only – Liverpool FC

A visit to Porto was, on paper, a dead rubber. But for Liverpool, this was another valuable opportunity for renewal, integration and formative steps, Stephen Schrag wrote.

Wednesday evening show a mystery for Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp. A game that has no structural meaning to them Champions League Riches is galloping forward in this season’s competition, but it raised the challenge of maintaining momentum and flexing the leg muscles of a few players who needed more time on the pitch.

For some members of the squad he named Klopp, this was all about constant renewal, more integration and formative steps forward. For others, it was just football for her sake; Football is just for love and fun.

In the case of the latter case, why would you display Mohamed Salah And Sadio Mane On a cold November night when an injury for either would be immeasurably more costly than losing a few cash crumbs that UEFA removed from his gold-plated beard?

Mo and Sadio like to do crazy things as big as five inflated orbs, so they wouldn’t question the wisdom of their involvement. I’m definitely glad they played, because it warmed the soul, while the body felt cold.

Liverpool, England - Wednesday, November 24, 2021: Liverpool player Mohamed Salah scored the second goal during the fifth round match of Group B of the UEFA Champions League between Liverpool and Porto at Anfield.  (pic David Rawcliffe/publicity)

For the rest, there was a sense of growth for many, if not most. Alison Handing Baker the captaincy, on a night he was unlikely to be too occupied by an opponent, was a feat of genius. It was a gesture from Klopp that would add another 30 per cent of the grizzly bear to the Brazilian’s overall game for years to come.

Ibrahima Konate Getting another 90 minutes under his belt was another plus. The man is shaping up to be an absolute beast of a central defender. There’s an element that convinces you that he can literally go chest-to-chest with multiple brick walls and still leave it in a ramshackle, pitiful heap, laughing all the way through as he does so. This is where the integration started.

It was also nice to see that Konate could work hand in hand without reasonable effort Joel Matip, making it easier to calm the anxiety of any possible absence Virgil van Dijk, who was able to relax and watch the game unfold from the sidelines, rests before facing his former employers on Saturday.

Liverpool, England - Wednesday, November 24, 2021: Liverpool's Ibrahim Konate received a yellow card by referee Felix Zoer during the UEFA Champions League Group B match between Liverpool and Porto at Anfield.  (pic David Rawcliffe/publicity)

Nico Williams Another bonus offer, as he put in one of his best performances in a Liverpool shirt. It can never be Trent Alexander Arnold, no one can, but it became clear that he was portraying himself as an oath Andy Robertson. Committed, hardworking, comfortable on the ball and not shy about his weight here and there.

Williams just needs to keep working on his focus to weed out those occasional glaring mistakes. They are becoming less frequent and his regular involvement with the Wales national team on top of a wave undoubtedly helps. It’s crazy to think that he has played more than 17 caps in his career compared to the league which has played 13 matches at club level.

Besides, it was nice to see Robertson back on the pitch with a timely return. We were all touched by the rise Costas Tsimikas, the player who dramatically improved on his limited showings last season when he looked a little too deep. His levels appear to be dropping subtly at this level and perhaps some rest is needed before the deluge of matches in December.

LIVERPOOL, England - Wednesday 24 November 2021: Jurgen Klopp hugged Liverpool manager (R) Andy Robertson after the UEFA Champions League Group B match between Liverpool and Porto at Anfield.  (pic David Rawcliffe/publicity)

All of this amplifies Liverpool’s defensive options, in more realistic terms, as it has only been a few months since they faced a central defensive crisis, and Williams and Tsimikas alike have been facing increasingly sharp criticism whenever asked. -Back. This is where the renovation began.

Williams and Tsimikas are not the only ones who have worked to renew their careers at Liverpool either. in the midfield, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain He had the opportunity to profit himself from what appeared to be a slump that left him opposing the next player through the exit door.

after I ate Adam Lallana A role in Klopp’s squad, Oxlade-Chamberlain became something of a belated thinker, as any appearance met with a careless disregard from the Anfield outfit often came to be seen as a symptom of a string of injuries to others.

Leaving behind a fugue from his injury issues and the shape and evolution of other competitors for a spot on the team, this is Oxlade-Chamberlain’s swim or swim zone, and so far, he’s chosen to swim. His recent showings have been wonderfully consistent, he’s been a pro doing the basics very well and heads are starting to turn, both on the touchline and in the stands. His job is to keep fit, which is easier said than done for any Liverpool midfielder.

LIVERPOOL, England - Wednesday, November 24, 2021: Liverpool's Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain during the UEFA Champions League Group B matchday five between Liverpool and Porto at Anfield.  Liverpool won 2-0.  (pic David Rawcliffe/publicity)

The rich promise and high hopes for the long-term entrenchment of the side have slipped through the fingers Harvey ElliottAnd Curtis Jones And Naby Keita In the first third of the campaign, while Jordan HendersonAnd Fabinhoand Milner and thiago They all disappeared by themselves.

This is under Jenny WijnaldumKlopp’s departure in the summer has made Klopp’s most complex puzzle, which he can always say has been. An engine room is constantly spinning, as if there is a permanent open vacancy for someone to become an alpha character.

Yes, Henderson is as close to ours as we get, but for a guy who can gracefully wear a range of different midfield roles, as indispensable as he makes him, it also means he can’t really be segmented like the permanent anchor of midfield. Henderson’s figure changes majestically Fabinho is the basis. However, we all still cling to an overarching vision, a champion.

Liverpool, England - Wednesday, November 24, 2021: Liverpool's Thiago Alcantara celebrated after scoring the first goal during the UEFA Champions League Group B match between Liverpool and Porto at Anfield.  (pic David Rawcliffe/publicity)

Access thiago He was supposed to fill that void and he did so sporadically, but minor blistering injuries have littered his career and he will continue to do so. So we have a lot of hope in Jones’ quirky nature and can never find the decisive strength to concede defeat to Keita, a player with such talent that he would be unlikely to see him find a fit in the colors of another club.

We’ve invested a lot of time in Keita to give up now, but can we seriously see a drastic change in the way he’s so massively doomed to deliver the mirage of a player that would have been?

But we have to see the best of it thiago Wednesday night. He was an outstanding performer, his passing range was amazing and his goal was worth the entry fee alone. His presence must have been invaluable to Tyler Morton.

In the best part of an hour, Morton was able to stick to work on calculated positioning, and he sat in front of a largely undisturbed back quad, and was a pedestrian for most of the time, in the best possible way. He pointed more than he touched the ball as if he was an amazing witness to his greatness thiago and Oxlade Chamberlain Endeavors.

LIVERPOOL, England - Wednesday, November 24, 2021: Liverpool's Tyler Morton during the Champions League Group B match between Liverpool and Porto at Anfield.  (pic David Rawcliffe/publicity)

As a conductor of sorts, Morton was much like those dog agility folks, moving through space, pointing out the obstacle the ball would need to navigate next as it swept through the tunnel and then tying its way over the swing.

Over the past half hour, Morton has taken a more advanced role, especially after introducing Fabinho. It was a clever performance and channeled by his exemplary midfield teammates. There is a possibility to play.

In many respects, in the front three, like the meat in a sandwich of salah and mane, Takumi Minamino Experienced a similar evening. He left, replaced, and made himself a selfless attacking figure.

But what makes the difference between Morton Nights and Minamino is that the latter is a man who isn’t taking those tentative steps in professional football, he’s a man who now needs to seize opportunities when they arise. He must be making a huge impact now if he is to be a compelling alternative to Bobby Firmino or Diogo Jota.

LIVERPOOL, England - Wednesday, November 24, 2021: Liverpool's Thiago Alcantara (No.3) celebrated with his teammates after scoring the first goal during the UEFA Champions League Group B match between Liverpool and Porto at Anfield.  (pic David Rawcliffe/publicity)

Hope was, after his goal against Arsenal On Saturday, Minamino would take the evening against FC Porto at times, but it wasn’t that way.

Minamino is suddenly a man who seems to have inherited the role of Lallana. Part of me is hoping Klopp will throw it back against him SouthamptonThe team that spent time on loan last season.

until that time.


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