Live updates on the investigation and Alec Baldwin

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza and Santa Fe County Attorney Marie Carmack Altois will hold a joint news conference soon to discuss the ongoing investigation into The shooting incident in the movie “Rust”.

A spokesperson for the attorney general confirmed to CNN that Carmack Altois is not ruling out criminal charges in the fatal shooting, noting that the incident is still under active investigation.

In an interview with The New York Times, Carmack Altois said that the term “support pistol” is misleading and that the gun that killed Helena Hutchins was a “legitimate pistol,” describing it as a “proper rifle from the antiquity.”

According to the report, Carmack Altois said the investigation was focusing on ballistics to determine what type of projectiles were used, and who put them in the gun that actor Alec Baldwin fired.

What we know so far about the investigation: Investigators also found two other rifles, a Western-style rifle belt and some ammunition. In the affidavit, investigators sought a search warrant to seize more items as evidence, including firearms, ammunition, cameras, memory cards, and computers.

Bonanza Creek Farm, Which has been used for dozens of western-themed movies and TV series, including “Lonesome Dove” and “Cowboys and Aliens”, are now deserted. The production team said it has halted filming of “Rust” at least until the investigation into the shooting is over.

CNN’s Josh Campbell and Faith Karimi contributed to this post.


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