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Guardiola: I don’t want to be like Liverpool

Pep Guardiola insisted he did not want Manchester City to be like Liverpool and defended comments he made about supporting his team after Wednesday’s Champions League win over RB Leipzig.

The City boss has come under fire from Sky Blues supporters after urging more fans to attend tomorrow’s home game against Southampton, after he witnessed more than 38,000 fans take part in their first European game of the season.

His comments resulted in the City Supporters Club’s general secretary, Kevin Parker, calling on Guardiola to ‘stick with training’ and be more considerate of the financial problems facing fans against the backdrop of the pandemic.

But Guardiola said today that he is very happy with the club’s fan base and that he is happy that the citizens have their own identity for rivals like Liverpool and Manchester United.

The City chief said: “This is a big mistake. We are who we are. We are proud of who we are. I know our history.”

“I knew they were [Man City fans] They were in the lower divisions and fans traveled to watch it. I don’t want to be like United, Liverpool, Bayern, Barcelona and Madrid.”

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Pep Guardiola speaks from Manchester City during a press conference. (Photo: Tom Flathers/Manchester City FC via Getty Images)


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