Lisa Vanderpump Reveals If Erika Jane Should Return To ‘RHOBH’ – Hollywood Life

HollywoodLife reunited with former “RHOBH” star Lisa Vanderpump and made up her mind about Erika Jayne’s legal woes prior to the reunion.

Erica Jane Will it stop working in the future? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion. The trapped TV personality, 50, will be questioned over her ex-husband Tom GerardiThe embezzlement lawsuit and alleged affairs, as evidenced by the newly released trailer. Now, another housewife is considering legal problems.

Ahead of the Travel & Give fundraising program to help children with physical and mental disabilities in Kenya and Haiti on October 11th, Hollywood Live With the former RHOBH star Lisa Vanderpump to discuss drama. When asked if Erica should walk away from the series amid her troubles, Lisa, 61, said, “She should make her own decision.”

“That’s a very difficult question,” Lisa said. “She has to make her own decision or someone will make it up to her. I haven’t seen the show since.” The star continued, “I’m thinking about all the people who died and fell victim to this. I have no idea if she knows. I haven’t watched so I don’t know how it goes.”

Lisa Vanderpump at Travel & Give’s fourth annual fundraising event on October 11. (MediaPunch / Shutterstock)

Lisa added that she hopes the victims will find a solution. Lisa, of course, refers to the families of the victims of the 2018 plane crash. In December 2020, Tom and his law firm have been indicted Misappropriation of funds allocated to the families of the victims of the accident. The lawsuit also accused Erica and Tom of orchestrating a “spurious” divorce in order to “fraudly protect their money.” In the trailer for Part 1 of RHOBH Meet released on October 6, Andy Cohen Erica’s questioning in the lawsuit, resulting in high feelings and some tears.

As for Lisa and whether she will return to the Bravo series after her 2019 departure, the restaurateur gave a resounding refusal, stating that “the ship has sailed.” When Lisa was asked if a comeback was on her mind, she said, “It didn’t happen at all.” I explained to HL, “I’m so busy. I’m trying to finish my book. I’m busy with my podcast. I’m going to open another restaurant. The ship has sailed.”

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