Liberal MP Grylls Dan Andrews and Anthony Albanese over alleged BBQ photo

It’s an innocent enough shot – two Labor politicians enjoying a barbecue together on a sunny day.

But this photo of Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews and opposition leader Anthony Albanese raises doubts.

In it, Andrews holds tongs in one hand and a plate of asparagus in the other while Albanese takes a “selfie”.

So, is it a real photo or a photoshop job?

Is it really just a casual shot or a staged photo opportunity?

Why is the meat not cooked?

There are plenty of questions that remain unanswered – leading some enthusiastic eagle-watchers to call it “steak gate”.

So, what exactly is the problem?

According to Liberal MP Jason Wood, Assistant Secretary of Customs, Community Safety and Multicultural Affairs, there are quite a few.

Can you spot what's wrong with this picture?
Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture? attributed to him: Facebook / Jason Wood MP

Send “PHOTO OPP OR WHAT” to his site Official Facebook page.

“Second Labor leaders questioned eagle-eyed social media users, claiming the couple had a barbecue for a campaign-style photo shoot.

Zoomed in, the meat did not appear to have any charcoal marks from the Barbeque grill leading many to believe the photo was a ‘fake’.

“Also from personal experience, don’t wear a suit jacket to a barbecue and when cooking don’t wear a pullover.

“What’s your opinion?

“Is it two of his old mates joining a barbecue…or is it the best picture of the year?”

Wood’s breakup has already generated more than 200 comments, and many agreed there was something a little “off” about the picture – and they didn’t even talk about meat.

One person wrote: “In stages – they probably didn’t have gas for Barbie.”

“How do you cook meat while barbecue isn’t even working?” Another question.

“Biggest photo opportunity of the year. A third noted that I was amazed that the camera lens didn’t break.

“There was no flipping of the steak, very clean tongs.”

Zero Care Factor

Others thought it was all just a storm in a teacup.

One opponent commented, “Don’t you have any better relationship with your time, Jason Wood?”

“We pay your salary and this is the best use of your time?” Another grumble.

Another seemed to think that barbecue couldn’t be real unless alcohol was in sight.

One skeptic insisted: “No beer or wine in sight either, it couldn’t be Australian barbecue.”

Daniel Andrews and Anthony Albanese have yet to publicly comment on the Steakgate scandal.


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