Lewis Hamilton was ‘nervous’ after Max Verstappen’s Russian drive to recover from Grand Prix

Ralf Schumacher says he’s approaching the final third of a tense title fight Max Verstappen Reduce his “risk” but Lewis Hamilton “He makes mistakes sometimes.”

After 15 grands prix, Hamilton and Verstappen are separated by just two points in favor of the Mercedes driver as he chases the eighth world title that broke the record.

Verstappen, who has won more races than his British rival but also suffered more DNF, is looking to end Mercedes’ seven-reigning reign as champions for drivers and builders.

“They both lead at an unbelievably high level,” the Sky Germany expert said according to him Motorsport.com.

“I think Max Verstappen has made an amazing move. He’s driving smarter. He’s still taking risks, but not like before.

“Lewis Hamilton sometimes misses under a lot of pressure, but he’s also handling the situation very well.

“They are really equal to each other. You can also see how nervous Lewis was that Max managed to achieve such a good result in Sochi.”

The last time in Russia, Hamilton had a golden opportunity to make a big point lead over Verstappen, who was starting at the back of the field due to a penalty kick.

Hamilton, in turn, won the race, but did so before Verstappen Who raced from P20 to P2.

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Schumacher added: “You can see during an interview with Toto Wolff after the race that he was worried because he didn’t take that into account.

“And now it looks like Mercedes will also have to switch to a fourth engine. The rumors circulating about this are very persistent. That would of course be a big problem for Lewis.”

Last weekend’s Turkish Grand Prix could see Hamilton take a similar penalty with Mercedes motorsport coach Toto Wolff admitting the team is coming, but the team won’t announce it. will “happen spontaneously”.

looking forward to Istanbul raceThe former F1 driver believes F1 is in for another “exciting” struggle.

He said: “It’s been Mercedes country so far, but Red Bull have gotten pretty close everywhere and they’ll be closer there too.

“So it’s expected to be an interesting fight between Max and Lewis.

“Bottas was actually the stronger of the two [Mercedes drivers] At Monza and was very strong in Sochi as well. In the end, of course, he will be driving for his teammate, so it won’t be easy for Red Bull in terms of strategy.”

As for the backfight, he says: “I see McLaren racing up front again. They have a Mercedes engine and a very efficient aerodynamic package.

“With the new engine, Charles Leclerc was clearly better. They also had a small trump card up their sleeve.

“I think we’re going through a very unique season. Having a lot of drivers up front is something we haven’t had in a long time. It’s not really clear beforehand that Mercedes is going to win.”


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