Leopard attacks a model while taking pictures inside a large cat barn in Germany | world News

A model has suffered severe head injuries after being attacked by a tiger while taking photos in her surroundings in eastern Germany.

The 36-year-old was standing inside the cage at a private retirement home for animal viewing on Tuesday.

She was taken to a specialist clinic by helicopter after being infected by the big cat in Nebra, in Saxony-Anhalt.

Bild newspaper reported that the woman was named after Jessica Laidolph from Thuringia, central Germany.

He initially feared the tiger had escaped its fence and was roaming freely – prompting emergency services to issue a stay-home alert.

But the warning was lifted 15 minutes later, with authorities in the Burgenland region saying the animal was never outside its surroundings – and there was no danger to the public.

The reserve is said to be home to two 16- and 18-year-old tigers, reported as Troja and Paris, as well as other animals.

It is said that leopards have previously been used in plasma TV advertisements.

The German news agency (dpa) said the owner and manager of the animals, 48, were under investigation by the police on suspicion of bodily harm due to negligence.

The news agency reported that she has owned leopards since 2019 and worked for 20 years as an animal trainer in circuses and amusement parks.

Authorities in Burgenland said the state has no legal restrictions on leopard breeding.

District vets are only responsible for checking whether the animal’s place of residence meets legal requirements.

An area vet visited the leopards on August 3, when both animals were “apparently in good health” and behaving “decently and inconspicuously”.

The authorities added that an inspection of the fence on August 18 did not reveal any structural defects.

“Previous attempts by the Veterinary Office to transport the animals on a voluntary basis with the animal’s owner have been unsuccessful,” a statement on the Burgenland County website reads.

He explained, “The veterinary office has tried several times in the past to place old animals in zoos, and this has also included inquiries for zoos abroad, but these attempts have been unsuccessful.

“Without harboring the animals in said animal pen, euthanasia of animals would only be possible.”

She added that another visit to the site is scheduled.

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