Lenovo wants to sell you privacy as a subscription service.

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There are many ways to protect yourself when you are online. Lenovo wants to be one of these forms of security, as the company announces a new service called Lenovo Smart Privacy Services, which includes a bunch of online security features designed to protect your information. ۔

Lenovo Smart Privacy Services

Lenovo is launching a new subscription service designed to help you manage your online privacy. It comes with a number of tools and features that enhance your security while on the Internet. First, it lets you choose which data is shared across websites, anti-tracking, VPN features, and privacy scanners.

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The subscription will also notify you when it finds out that your accounts have been leaked in data breaches, on public search sites, or in unsolicited email lists.

Finally, Lenovo’s new subscription will include a password manager that stores and manages your login, password, and payment information in a secure vault. There is also a browser extension that automatically fills in your information.

Lenovo said its new service will launch on August 31, 2021 in the United States on Lenovo PCs through Lenovo.com and the Lenovo Vantage app. The company says it will expand globally sometime in 2022.

Is any of this new?

Although Lenovo is bringing a number of useful security features, it is not doing anything new here. Most browsers offer no tracking options, and you can sign up for many free services that will scan the web for your information.

Of course, for these VPN features, you might be better off choosing one of the best VPN services out there.

And, of course, there is no shortage of password managers, many of which are available without a subscription.

It remains to be seen how much Lenovo charges for its service. It’s useful to have everything on one subscription, but the price should be right.

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