Led Zeppelin: The Biography, Bob Spitz Review

Sure, Spitz allows, not all band members or roads prey on teenage girls, defecate and pee on fans, but all have at different times been either complicit or, at best, peeking to a sickening level of violence and humiliation. And yes, even in the context of the times. While there are many available examples of rock stars behaving in a similar way to members of Led Zeppelin, there were plenty of musicians in the 1960s and 1970s who were aware that women, even young women, were human. Buffy St. Mary’s, who was as innovative as Zeppelin in her work within folklore, never disappointed her fans. The Monkees were known for their kindness to their legions of fans. Even shock-rock inventor Alice Cooper (as described in Michael Walker’s “What You Want in a Limo”) is a nice guy. it was possible.

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