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Lawrence Fox plays Joe Biden’s son Hunter in new movie | Movie

The failed candidate for mayor of London Lawrence Fox He played Hunter Biden, the son of the current US president, in a new movie, My Son Hunter.

Fox, who rose to fame as an actor on the TV series Lewis, posted a video on his Twitter account declaring that he “has not been temporarily canceled and has been asked to wear [his] acting again.”

Fox continued, “The hunter’s story fascinates me a lot, especially the force with which the mainstream media continues to try to suppress it.”

He added that he “couldn’t resist the offer to enter [Biden’s] world and tell the truth. So on one level, the two of us weren’t canceled: the story of Hunter and the truth about Hunter could finally be told.”

The film is directed by actor-turned-singer-turned-radio host Robert Davey, who described Fox as “not just a great actor, but a brilliant mind.”

The script is the first novel attempt by married documentarians Anne McElhenney and Willem McClear. Fox described the script as “wonderful, surreal and funny, because it’s real” and expressed his delight that “filmmakers are resisting the awakened lecture that is modern drama.”

Hunter Biden is a lawyer and painter. He is the youngest son of President Joe Biden and his first wife, Nelia Hunter Biden, who died in a car accident when Hunter was two years old. Hunter and his older brother, Bo, survived with serious injuries. Their sister was killed. Bo died in 2015 at the age of 46.

Earlier this year, Hunter Biden published a memoir, Beautiful Things, detailing his struggles with addiction. In 2020, Hunter and Joe Biden Donald Trump and his associates accused her of financial misconduct. Both deny these allegations.

In September 2020, Fox, who called himself the “Against Awakening” campaign, launched the Reform Party to fight what he described as “culture wars”. Two months later, his agent dropped him. In May 2021, he received less than 2% of the vote in a London mayoral election, losing his £10,000 deposit.

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