Lawrence Fox denounced a “disgusting act” on Benjamin Mendy’s tweet

Lawrence Fox He made a name for himself by stealing feathers on him Social mediaBut one of his last tweets really crossed the line.

The actor-turned-right-wing commentator shared a headline with breaking news about the soccer player Benjamin Mendy, and leave a comment Twitter Users are totally freaked out.

It emerged on Thursday that the 27-year-old Manchester City left-back had been charged with four counts of rape and sexual assault of three women. He is now being held pending charges.

But rather than express shock at the allegations or reveal the identity of the accused, Fox took the opportunity to make a menacing remark about race.

He wrote in his letter “Kneel down, corpses,” referring to broad sections of the athletic community take the knee before matches.

Fox, 43, has always expressed that disapproval what he and other critics callpolicy gesture‘, but what supporters see as a powerful symbol of anti-Racism symbiosis

His aggressive tweet was later deleted by Twitter and his account was temporarily suspended for violating its rules against “hateful behaviour”.

but the The failed mayor hopes He expressed neither remorse nor remorse for his message, instead sharing a screenshot of the notification he received from the platform, below the caption: “To be discussed.”

Then, in a separate attempt to provoke, he added: “Night, night, roll. All lives matter. “

The next morning, he posted a six-part thread attempting to defend his remark by insisting “Nothing in [his] It was an admittedly provocative tweet about race” and suggesting that footballers should “own their own mess”.

He wrote: “For too long, footballers have been portrayed as saints of the highest moral virtues. When they often prey on young women using their fame, they use money and power to buy silence in a way that common men cannot.”

“Maybe in light of the latest [Mendy] Case, should they take the knee for victims of sexual assault and rape? To own their own mess? After all, these are not crimes committed by police officers thousands of miles away, but by smashed role models from within their own ranks?

“But they will not. It is easier to highlight their piety in the name of racial justice than to look at the sins committed by their fellows.”

He continued, “This is why I have consistently refused to be lectured by professional footballers. They are hypocrites: rich kids who easily and cynically take the position of the oppressed, while often they are the ones who abuse their formidable power for nefarious reasons.”

Nothing in my admittedly provocative tweet had anything to do with race, despite the overwhelming predictability spun in this way by my political opponents and the usual media.

“Instead I was instructing footballers to kneel for victims of rape and sexual assaults committed by footballers – a point none of the usual activists picked up aloud in the ad calling for the messenger to be shot and again avoiding the nagging message.”

Then he added this later:

Fox’s lengthy and inexcusable statement came after dozens of fellow Twitter users spoke out against his hateful post, Mendy, with Piers Morgan The 43-year-old condemns it as a “disgusting act”. (Note: Fox’s original tweet contains strong language.)

Here’s a look at what other critics have said, amid calls for it to be permanently banned from the platform.

Comes after the wannabe politician A noisy campaign against the knee-jerk English football team Before the Euro 2020 matches.

Fox posted a clip about the team before kick-off in the semi-final against Denmark, and tweeted: “You live in one [sic] Of the most tolerant and welcoming countries on earth, you would rather refer to children.”

Reaction to his comments was swift, especially moments before one of the biggest matches in England’s history.

The 43-year-old apologized for saying he hoped the team would lose and that he was “embarrassed to be British” as a result of his participation in the Unity tag.

next England defeat the DanesFox is back on Twitter to offer an uncharacteristic turn in his angry stance.

“Right. It’s hard to admit you did something wrong, but as I tell my kids, it’s important to admit it when you think you did.” “So here it goes. I have always been behind England in any sport and any English team in any competition.”

“I think England is the most wonderful country on earth. We have done so much to promote equality in this nation that people are eager to come here and make the UK their home. So it was disappointing to see the English football team kneeling for ‘equality’,” he continued.

“I feel it is a profound insult to those who work tirelessly for all the things we have achieved to become a truly inclusive, warm and welcoming community of which we are all a part,” he added. “But saying that I want England to lose just because they kneel, is a step too far. I should have just said how I felt about kneeling and continuing to support the team.”

He went on to say that the players’ intentions are undoubtedly noble, even if I continue to categorically disagree with what they do, saying that I want them to lose serves no purpose, especially at a time when national morale can do. with a boost.”

“You can hate kneeling and love the team,” he added.

He then identified other reasons as to why he hated kneeling, but concluded by saying, “I’m sorry for being stupid.”

Can we finally expect an apology or an admission of wrongdoing in the case of Mindy’s tweet? Judging by his follow-up streak, it seems unlikely.

Indy100 reached out to Twitter to comment on suggestions that Fox should be banned indefinitely from the platform.

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