Laurie Parnell, wife of Sean Parnell, witnesses physical and emotional abuse at custody hearing

The estranged wife of Republican Senate candidate Sean Parnell told a child custody hearing in Pennsylvania Monday that he cheated on her, beat their children, and verbally abused her, according to a report.

Laurie Parnell said mr. Parnell, approved by the former president Donald Trump In primary GOP, it is called she has “whore” during installation she has down the Philadelphia Inquirer mentioned.

she As the Butler County Judge told it he is Once forced angrily she has From their car along the road and told she has to “go for an abortion”.

the master. Parnell, who will testify next week in the divorce and custody proceedings, said through for him campaign that for him The wife does not tell the truth.

“Let me state sympathetically: I have never held any anger towards my wife or any of our three children,” the statement read. “What happened today in court was not fair, and had no basis in fact or truth. Next week, I will have the opportunity to present the truth to the court and I am looking forward to that opportunity.”

The Parnells wrestle over custody of their three school-aged children. the master. Parnell He is a decorated veteran of the war in Afghanistan, says his wife he is He suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

he is She tried to strangle me on the couch and I literally had to bite for him“To escape, lady Parnell According to the testimony of the inquirer. “he is He was suffocating me.”

the master. Parnell He is running for the seat vacated by Republican Senator Pat Toomey, who will retire next year.

The issue of spousal abuse was first raised by a Republican challenger, Jeff Bartos, after Mr. Parnell welcome Mr. trumpendorsement this fall.

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