Launches in-app sustainer program to accept signal donations.

Signal, a privacy-focused instant messaging app that gained popularity after a change in WhatsApp’s controversial privacy policy, is adding a new monetization feature to its app. Unlike its competitor instant messaging services, Signal runs entirely on donations and this new feature will make it easier for consumers to support and maintain financial contributions and donation models.

As the company notes in a new blog post, “Signal has no data to sell, no advertisers to sell it, and no shareholder to take advantage of such a sale … As the sole beneficiary of the signal, these people Depending on who uses the signal to maintain it. “

Signal donation feature appears on iPhone and Android phones.

Users can become Signal Sustainer by paying a small amount on a monthly basis or by making on-off contributions (via the edge). There are three sustainable levels from which the user can choose: $ 5, $ 10, and $ 20. Signal notes that your subscription will only renew when you access the app during the month. If you uninstall the app or stop using it for any reason, Signal will automatically cancel your subscription after the next cycle. “Eliminate the” dark pattern “of subscriptions you forgot about.”

Users can make donations using Apple Pay and Google Pay, and the company plans to add more payment methods in the future. When you donate, it opens a badge that you can display on your profile. The signal also emphasizes that the entire payment process is designed to maintain confidentiality. That it does not link your payment information to your Signal account.

“Taking advantage of the anonymous certification scheme that we introduced to Signal Private Groups, clients pay and then attach a badge to their profile so that the server can verify that the client is in the set of people who Has paid, but they don’t know exactly. What kind of payment is that? “ The company wrote in a blog post.

The donation feature is starting with the latest signal update on Android and iOS.

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