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Incident triggered huge queues on m 6 On the morning of October 2nd. Slow traffic is concentrated between Junction 18, Middlewich, Holmes Chapel and Junction 19.

Two routes had to be temporarily closed to allow operators and emergency services to provide support, causing delays.

After the accident, National Highways North-West initially tweeted about the slowdown on the M6: “#M6 North #J18 #HolmesChapel #Chester #Northwich #Middlewich to #J19 #Tabley #A556 #Northwich 2 lanes closed due to a collision.

“CheshireRCU, cheshirepolice, NWmwaypolice are currently on the scene.

Traffic officers are on their way to the area to provide assistance.

At around 10.15am, they informed motorists of the current situation.

National Highways warned that drivers were at the time facing four miles of congestion, resulting in delays of more than half an hour.

They said: “#M6 north J18 #HolmesChapel – J19 #Tabley 2 lanes still closed due to collision.

“Recovery operators are currently working on the scene.

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Four miles of congestion adds at least 34 minutes to normal flight times.

“Please allow additional travel time and bypass the scene with caution.”

Over the past 24 hours, the M6 ​​has been plagued by crashes and delays.

The same M6 extension that experienced delays due to the overturned car also caused problems for motorists traveling south.

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Earlier this morning, National Highways notified motorists of a lane closure, saying: “The #M6 South at #J18 #HolmesChapel #Chester #Northwich #Middlewich 1 Lane is closed due to a vehicle breakdown.

“Traffic and recovery officers are on their way to the area.”

Two hours later, at about 11 am, the situation was resolved.

National Highways tweeted: “UPDATE: #M6 heading south on #J18 #HolmesChapel #Chester #Northwich #Middlewich: This vehicle is now restored and all lanes reopened.”

On October 1, a car and truck accident caused significant delays between Junction 15 and 16 on the southbound M6 motorway.

Cheshire Live has reported delays of up to 80 minutes and 12 miles of slow traffic.

On the same day, a pothole opened on the highway, forcing emergency operators to intervene.

As a result, motorways in England had to close one lane of the northbound M6 motorway between Junction 22 and Newton Le Willows and Junction 23 at Haydock.

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