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With the help of the module Lariol eCommerce Image Gallery, the admin can create galleries and add images to the gallery.

Admin can also create different groups and assign galleries to this group. This is the best gallery module for Bagisto platform and everything in this module is configured by admin. Admin can also allow the style of opening and closing the image.


  • Admin can add images, images title, description text.
  • Admin can add gallery using images text.
  • Admin can add gallery group.
  • Admin can allow style to open and close image.
  • Admin can allow image caption to be displayed.
  • Admin can also decide the position of the title.
  • Users will be able to view galleries on the homepage.
  • While clicking on the gallery, users can view all the images. To view a particular image, the user can click on any image and from there control the image to view the next or previous image.

How to install modules?

Zip the corresponding extension zip and then merge. “Packages” In the project root directory.

Go to config / app.php File and add the following line. ‘Providers’.


Go to Composer. json File and add the following line. ‘PSR-4’


Then run the following command: –

php artisan migrate
php artisan route:cache
php artisan vendor:publish

-> Press 0 and then press Enter to publish all assets and configurations.

Module configuration

After successful installation of the module, the admin can configure the module under the admin panel. Configuration Requirements >> Image Gallery.


Here the admin can set different actions e.g. Opinion and closing effect., Side count, control.. Admin can also set. Title type and title position..
Admin can too. Enable and disable Image gallery from here.

Click the Save button.

Now the admin needs to add images, gallery and group, for this the admin needs to configure the image gallery button which is visible on the side menu bar as shown below: –


Manage photos

Under Manage Images, all the images that are included in the bed appear together. Thumbnail, image title, description, layout. And Condition.

Click to add a new image. Add a photo. Button

Clicking on the Add Image button will open a page that looks like the following: –

Add a photo.

Admin is needed here. Include a photo with description and title for the photo..
Click on Save image Button

Manage Gallery

Click on Manage Gallery to see all the galleries as shown below: –

Management gallery

Admin needs to click on it to add new gallery. Add Gallery Button, the page that opens will appear as shown below: –

Add Gallery

Here the admin can enter the title and code for the gallery and also seal the images for this gallery with thumbnails.

Click on Save the gallery. Button

Manage the group.

Under Manage Groups, all the groups to which the bed has been added appear. Group code, ID and status.

Management groups

Click to add a new group. Add group. Button

Ad group

Here the admin can enter the group code and select the gallery for that group.
Click on Save group. Button

Front end

At the front end View Gallery The button is visible as shown below: –

Laravel-ecommerce-image-gallery at the front end

After clicking on the View Galleries button, the user will be redirected to another page where all the galleries will be visible: –

Image Gallery Home.

Click on any gallery to view gallery images.

Images gallery page.

The page above shows all of Gali’s pictures.

So, this was a lot about the Laravel eCommerce Image Gallery User Guide. Contact us for any questions or queries. [email protected]. You can also pick up tickets from us. Helpdesk system.

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