Lakeville South makes the most of its chances of beating Rosemount – Twin Cities

To be the best, you have to defeat the best.

That was the message from Lakeville South coach Ben Burke. And at the newly formed Metro Gold South Conference, the Cougars had ample opportunities to showcase.

With victories over Lakeville North, Eden Prairie and Farmington already under their belt, Lakeville South has shown that it can win in many ways. High score penalty shootouts, defensive battles and explosions. On Friday, they showed they had another side to their game, an opportunistic side. Three turnovers resulted in a 28-14 victory for the Cougars over the Rosemount Irish on the road.

“I think when you play with good teams, you have to rely on turnovers,” Burke said. “Unfortunately for them and fortunately we were able to take advantage of some.”

Without goals during the first 11 minutes of the game, Lakeville South found itself facing 4 and 8 on the Rosemount 32-yard line. On only his second attempt at the game, Dean found a tight end Zach Jokel in the seam for a 10-yard gain. On the next play, Carson Hansen bounced off the outside for a 22-yard carry. A two-point missed conversion gave the Cougars a 6-0 lead after the first quarter.

Rosemount seemed ready to answer for the next drive, taking the ball all the way inside the Cougars’ 10-yard line. However, a confusion in a pass by Irish full back Vincent Payne gave Lakeville South the ball deep on his end. It was the second time the Irish stumbled on the night after Penn flopped in the team’s opener.

Suddenly, nearly 7-6 Rosemount turned into Lakeville South’s 14-0 lead as the Cougars took the ball 92 yards off the field to score. The drive featured another assist, this time a 23-yard screen pass from Dean back Josh Jacobson at 3 and 23 to put the Cougars out of the Irish red. Ryder Patterson ran back and scored in a 21-yard run on the next play.

Dean finished 3-5 for 64 yards passing. The only other completion came in the second half, completing 31 yards at 2 and 20.

“We all love it when one coach calls,” Dean said. “You can see a smile in the crowd. And we made the most of our moments tonight.”

Rosemount responded in the next drive, organizing a 10-yard 73-yard play capped by a 42-yard touchdown pass from Pyne to a Cedric Wall wide receiver.

However, this short streak of momentum soon stalled in the third quarter. In the fourth play of the opening second inning, he shot back Carson Hansen from a 57-yard run. Hansen, averaging 141 yards per game entering Friday, ran for 243 yards against the Irish. It’s the third time this season that he’s topped the 200-yard mark.

Regarding the Irish possession, Rosemount brought it up again. This time to intercept Pyne in the red. Then he scored Lakeville South on his next drive.

“We had a chance in that first half to be right, but we’re moving,” Rosemount coach Jeff Erdmann said. “You can’t do that against these people.”

Rosemount has now lost two games in a row for the first time since 2018. Lakeville South, which tops the Associated Press 6A ratings, is now 5-0.

“We want to be the most physical, most disciplined, hardest team in the state, and we have to play the strongest teams to do that,” Burke said. “We’re just excited about what we’re going on.”

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