Lacey Chabert mourns the death of Wendy’s sister: ‘Our hearts are broken’

Actress Lacey Chabert, in Beverly Hills on July 27, 2017, mourns her older sister.

I mean girlsStar Lacey Chabert mourns the loss of a family member this holiday season. The actress, who made her debut as Claudia Salinger in Fox’s drama Party of Five, mourns her older sister Wendy.

Chabert shared the tragic news With her followers on Instagram Tuesday.

“My beautiful sister, Wendy,” Chabir commented on her sister’s photo. “Our hearts are broken into a million pieces and I don’t know how we’ll ever be together again now that you’re gone. We love and adore you more than we can say, and we’ll go on forever and ever and ever.

“The horrific loss has left us heartbroken,” Chabir continued. “Our lives will never be the same without my dear sister, but we cling to Jesus’ promises that we will be together again in eternity. Please keep our family, especially her two sons, in your hearts and prayers. Thank you very much 💔”

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Chabert, 39, has been a staple of Hallmark films in recent years. And the network’s official account expressed its sympathy in the photo’s comments: “We are deeply sorry for your loss. We send our love and strength to you and your family during this time.”

Scott Wolf, Chabert’s star in “Party of Five,” who played her on-screen older brother, expressed his sadness. He wrote, “Beyond grief for you and your family.” “I send you a lot of love.”

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