LA Boston Market closed on Thanksgiving, staff not shown

  • According to reports, a Boston Market restaurant in LA was closed on Thanksgiving when staff did not show up.
  • “No employees are seen today; we are unable to fulfill orders,” a sign in the restaurant said.
  • The company said it was returning those who had already ordered Thanksgiving meals.

According to the Daily Bulletin and KTLA, a Los Angeles restaurant closed on Thanksgiving when staff failed to arrive, leaving consumers unable to collect pre-ordered food. This comes amid an increase in hospitality staff resigning from the industry.

According to The Daily Bulletin, Boston Market’s Rancho Kokamunga Branch, a chain of restaurants specializing in rotisserie chicken, was closed when customers arrived to pick up their food.

The publication shared a photo of the sign posted on the restaurant’s door, which read: “No employee is seen today; we are unable to fulfill orders !!! We’re sorry !!!” It is not clear who wrote the sign.

Below this was another sign urging customers to place an order at a nearby bakery instead, which was said to be accepting orders.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider, but a spokesman told The Bulletin that it was investigating the incident.

“We are in the process of returning the Thanksgiving Order (s) to every guest affected by our Rancho Kokamunga location,” the spokesman said. “We sincerely apologize to every guest who placed an order and came to the restaurant today.”

In addition to dining rooms, Boston Market’s restaurants offer catering services, including ready-made Thanksgiving meals that customers can pre-order, collect on site, and heat at home.

Adam Sharp told KTLA that his family had pre-ordered food for 12 people, which cost about $ 400. He said the food was visible inside the store but customers were unable to access it, and that the restaurant never contacted him to say the order would not be available.

Joseph Amato, who also pre-ordered Thanksgiving dinner, told The Bulletin that he had never been contacted about the restaurant’s closure.

“And there’s food, there’s food in the truck on the side, just waiting to see if anyone can see,” he told the publication. “Everyone here is without food now.”

Rancho Kokamunga’s restaurant is usually open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., with each opening hours listed on its website.

A record number of Americans have quit their jobs in recent months, and restaurants have been particularly hard hit. The industry is known for its low wages, poor profits, long working hours and stressful working conditions.

Restaurants are raising prices, reducing opening hours, closing their dining rooms, and even closing for good because they can’t get enough staff.

Like the Boston Market restaurant, other restaurants have temporarily closed due to a lack of staff. It also includes an Austin Chapotel restaurant, which closed for a day after the resignation of its general manager and four of his employees.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. On its website, it has a list of 18 jobs, including the role of cashier, cook, as well as general manager. The lists state that hourly employees can receive discounted meals while working and are eligible for medical, dental and vision insurance after one year, although wages are not listed.

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