Kyle Rittenhouse’s crime was standing in the face of an awakened mob

Justice prevailed in Kyle Rittenhouse , but only after a soul-crushing operation which in itself was an unjust punishment. The injustice that the teenager was subjected to continues with political persecution and possibly more legal prosecutions.

The most prominent politicians and news in our country ports Not only did they show no remorse for slandering Rittenhouse, they doubled down on their character assassination in the process. urge Inappropriately named Biden Ministry of Justice to intervene.

Why does the mass assault on Rittenhouse continue after he was acquitted by the facts of the case? Because Rittenhouse will be forever guilty of the worst crime of all: defending himself and a beleaguered community by a left-wing mob.

You’re not supposed to dare do that. The left does not tolerate any opposition and demands complete submission. It does the resistance, not its victims.

as defense put it: “Everyone gets hit sometimes…”

At the very least, the left believes that its political opposition should take a beating.

To the left, you can’t defend yourself. You cannot be left in control of your life, even in matters of existential self-preservation. You live at the mercy of your rulers.

Kyle Rittenhouse, as all of us are supposed, was supposed to succumb to the left. He encountered it in its ugliest form, in its expression on the street – mob violence. He said: Enough.

This makes him an intolerable exception; Remember, millions, in fact, made. During the summer of 2020, when Kenosha exploded, it was the left that locked Americans in their homes while unleashing rioters, thieves, and looting on our streets. cheered for them or they were silent at best; condoned anti-law and order rhetoric and policies; And sometimes it effectively ensured the violence that followed by rewarding criminals with bail money.

It did so, of course, while ignoring the basic facts that undermine a systematic racist narrative police system And America is systematic racism – slanders that, even if true, would not have justified the chaos on the streets and the chaos guaranteed by the police.

These actions were never about justice – they were about taking revenge on the outlaws, and for their manipulation of the ruling class, sowing division in the service of power.

We are now dealing with the consequences: a massive escalation in violent crime and the related anti-cultural BLM revolution that has engulfed every one of our most vital institutions – with disastrous effects.

talkThe challenge, for example, critical race theory, will get you labeled a racist, if you don’t get the FBI icy on you—If you are a worried parent at a school board meeting.

But the far worse crime in the eyes of the ruling class is a job What Kyle Rittenhouse did–stands up And defend your community when it’s under assault by a left-wing mob fueled by the ruling class, which has made innocent Americans sit duck.

Kyle Rittenhouse puts his hand on his hand
Kyle Rittenhouse puts his hand to the face as he is found not guilty on all counts in Kenosha County Courthouse on November 19, 2021 in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Sean Krajic – Paul / Getty Images

unlike “civil justiceA liar, Rittenhouse sought to protect Kenosha from leftist oppression upheld by the ruling class.

That’s why our ruling class smeared him.

This is why he was described as a white supremacist even though the people who shot him, who were threatening his life, were white – and there was no evidence of racial hostility to suggest anything to the contrary.

That’s why the media distorted basic facts about his rifle, his relationship to Kinosha, and a million other related details.

That’s why the big tech companies have censored those who defend him.

That’s why platforms like GoFundMe have prevented users from creating legal defense funds for it.

That’s why he was a policeman Disqualified To contribute to a defense fund when Rittenhouse finally had one.

That’s why the mob had to threaten the jurors and their community with more violence – including trying to summon them – in order to try to intimidate them into making politically correct Resolution over Just And sound One.

Remember that Kyle Rittenhouse set foot on Kenosha in the first place was just a job of the media and the lies of the ruling class, as well as a total failure to maintain law and order.

Cops Jacob Blake was not shot dead, and he was not unarmed.

The cops arrived at the scene due to Blake’s actions, resulting in a house arrest invitation; Blake obtained an arrest warrant for him from a previous incident in which he was accused of domestic violence and sexual assault; Blake clashed with the cops. He had a knife that was eventually shot during the fight, but was not killed.

What did the media and the political class do? She spun a bogus narrative about fanatical, bloodthirsty cops helping to fuel a crowd that Wisconsin’s political leaders did nothing to quell while innocents suffered bodily harm and tens of millions of dollars in property damage as the city burned.

In short, the ruling class and the awakened shock forces sought to discredit, silence, and bankrupt Kyle Rittenhouse so that he could not defend himself against any assault for which she was responsible. Subsequently, the ruling class and its media agitators threatened to put a mob on the jury to decide Rittenhouse’s fate.

Kudos to the jury for refusing to bow to the mob. But what has come to this point is an indictment of a society that increasingly accepts the rule of the mob over the rule of law. Consider other recent examples of wood-panelled windows in the run-up to the 2020 election, as well as the atmosphere in which it was Derek Chauvin The trial took place.

Kyle Rittenhouse is a living indictment of the ruling class for having had to act in response to its countless failings. Our ruling class is the one that tells big lie after big lie, instigates and ensures the destruction of society, and tells the police not to go after criminals – while these criminals, on the other hand, deputize to make life hell for opponents of the orthodox ruling class.

Therefore, Rittenhouse will never stop paying. Nor will the state, like the left, be from losing Rittenhouse to trying to win by striving to make the story about guns (which it’s not about).

The left would like to take advantage of a case regarding our natural right to self-defense to further infringe on the Second Amendment. After all, the left has to disarm the people, after leaving them unprotected by the police, to get them to submit to his totalitarian rule.

This is the entire left’s modus operandi, in short: inflict pain on the political opposition and, if the opposition remains steadfast, use that response to justify further power grabs.

The only appropriate moral response is to refuse to be silenced and subdued: to stand confidently, courageously, and boldly on the American way of life, all that it entails, and never submit.

Ben Weingarten is a senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research, a fellow at the Claremont Institute and a major contributor to federal. he is an author American star: Ilhan Omar and the progressive Islamist takeover of the Democratic Party (Bombardier, 2020). Ben is the founder and CEO of ChangeUp Media LLC, a production and media consulting firm. Subscribe to his newsletter at follow him on Twitter: Tweet embed.

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