Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Judge Bruce Schroeder’s ringtone revealed to be Trump’s Rally tune

Judge Bruce Schroeder’s ringtone has been revealed God bless the United States of America by Lee Greenwood When he rang while the judge was presiding over a trial Kyle Rittenhouse in a KenoshaAnd Wisconsin.

The song was used extensively at gatherings with the title of the former president Donald Trump.

As the trial returned from lunch, Rittenhouse’s defense team was talking when the judge’s phone rang to the tunes of the national anthem.

“Judge Schroeder’s phone rings in the middle of the Rittenhouse trial, and it happens to be the lead song from Trump’s rallies as he walks on stage. Go figure,” attorney Ron Filipkowski chirp.

The judge said he would consider a defense request to annul the trial after the defendant took the stand on Wednesday.

Mr. Rittenhouse’s lawyers are seeking a wrongful trial for bias over what they have called “prosecution misconduct”. The defense accused prosecutors of violating Mr Rittenhouse’s rights by citing his silence following the August 25, 2020 shootings and referring to a video clip previously deemed inadmissible.

If the request is granted, Mr. Rittenhouse cannot be tried again for the same crimes.

The 18-year-old faces five counts including murder and possession of a weapon for a minor for shooting Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Hopper and injuring Gauge Grosskreutz during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He could be sentenced to life imprisonment if convicted.

God bless the United States of America It is the opening song that is played at every Trump rally. Lee Greenwood literally sang it at Trump’s inauguration, “Michael Gullit chirp.

One Twitter user said: “They’re going to make a movie about this and no one will think it’s based on real events.” added.

Judge Schroeder ruled before trial that prosecutors could not refer to the two people accused of killing Mr. Rittenhaus as “victims”.

Judge Schroeder decided last month that the term was too “loaded”, but Rittenhouse’s legal team could use words like “rioters” and “thieves” to refer to the men who had been shot if they could provide evidence to support the appointments.

“If more than one of them was involved in arson, riot or looting, I wouldn’t tell the defense they couldn’t contact them,” the judge said during a pre-trial hearing.

The word “victim” is an overburdened and burdened word. I believe that the ‘alleged victim’ is a cousin to her.’ Such judgments are not uncommon in trials deciding cases of self-defense, Chicago Tribune mentioned.

Earlier during Wednesday’s trial, Mr. Rittenhouse walked through the night of the shooting and broke down in tears as he described the fear for his life as protesters confronted him.

“I didn’t do anything wrong. I stood up for myself,” he said.

During questioning, Mr. Rittenhouse admitted that it was illegal for him to carry the AR-15 rifle he used for his shooting, and said he bought it from a friend because: “I thought it looked cool.”

Attorney General Thomas Binger sought to highlight Mr. Rittenhouse’s lack of experience with AR-15s but questioned what he knew about the “full metal jacket” rounds used for shooting.

Tensions heightened just before lunch when Judge Schroeder reprimanded the prosecution for referring a video clip that had been excluded from evidence at a pre-trial hearing.

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