KY offers a personal mouth lubricant for the most sloppy kisses

Parsippany, NJ — Expanding beyond its popular line of sexual enhancement aids, KY introduced a new personal mouth lubricant Wednesday that, according to the manufacturer, is designed to increase intimacy by allowing those who apply the product to enjoy extra sloppy kisses. “This water-based, water-soluble mouth gel reduces lip friction so users can exchange sloppy kisses,” said brand ambassador Megan Hockley, who cited market research that showed consumers who don’t have trouble producing saliva themselves. The supplemental moisture increased their happiness during the deep tongue wiggling. KY Personal Oral Lubricant is clinically proven to reduce painful tongue congestion and can be safely incorporated into any makeup session, whether to combat a dry mouth condition or simply because you prefer having plenty of drool at the ready when you explore your partner’s mouth. Just spray a few tablespoons On your lips and get ready to slip in dripping wet kisses! You can also try our new Fire and Ice Intense Pleasure Mouth Lube for a hot and cool sensation on your face and gums.” Company officials have stated that KY personal mouth lubricant is not designed to stop the spread of mono infection or other kiss-based infections and should always be used in conjunction with at least one form of protection.


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